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  1. 1 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 10:45 am

    Good morning, Nerdy darlin’!

    Otherwise: Grrrrr.

  2. 2 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 10:46 am

    Ahhh, our dear First Lady Obama! When sanity prevailed!

  3. 3 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 11:22 am

  4. September 4, 2018 at 11:26 am

  5. September 4, 2018 at 11:28 am

    posting this again….Maddow gives a great breakdown of Kavanaugh on the issue of abortion

  6. September 4, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Apparently excerpts from Woodward’s forthcoming book (comes out Sept 11) have been released and I’m seeing a bunch of them in my twitter TL. This one stands out at the moment:

  7. September 4, 2018 at 11:34 am


    Boom! Lawyered is back. The award-winning legal team of Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo is here to make sense of the Senate battle over the release of hundreds of thousands of documents related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Why have the Democrats threatened to sue, and what might we learn from the mountain of files if they are all released? Find out on Boom! Lawyered.

  8. September 4, 2018 at 11:34 am

    Oh, please.

  9. September 4, 2018 at 11:39 am

  10. 13 Judith Fardig
    September 4, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Congrats, Jacqueline! Is there a snowball’s chance in Hades 2 GOP Senators decide to go maverick? Nah.. doubt it. Meanwhile in attacks on the free press and social media,

  11. September 4, 2018 at 11:52 am

  12. 17 deserflower
    September 4, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Called Flake. Let’s see if my shaming him works

  13. September 4, 2018 at 12:34 pm


  14. 24 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 12:36 pm

  15. September 4, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    The youtube video timed out…here is the MSNBC version

  16. 26 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Grassley calls for a potty break.

    • September 4, 2018 at 1:38 pm

      tp-ing the Senate: The last word on “How To Toilet Paper” at wikihow.com: “Toilet papering is a fun, harmless prank that can be remembered as a thrilling experience for years to come. A night gets a lot more epic when you’re loaded to the gills with toilet paper. Take care to consider the risks, and learn to stay safe and play smart to ensure that your prank stays harmless and you get away scot-free.” more…

  17. September 4, 2018 at 1:03 pm

  18. September 4, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Major ….

  19. 36 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    This now the number 4…..Mad Dog, Tillerson, Cohen, Omarosa, now…..John Kelly.

    • 37 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 1:30 pm

      Well, he’ll be out either end of the year or right after the Nov elections. By tweet of course. Wonder who will give Kelly the soft send off?

  20. 38 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    • 39 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 2:41 pm

      Every time I think of that buffoon in the WH I think of the movie A Face In A Crowd and the character Lonesome Rhodes played superbly by the late Andy Griffith. What took Lonesome down was the open mic of him being critical to his dumb listeners. Calling them a bunch of hicks and stupid. A recording of Trump calling his base a bunch of stupid hicks he can depend on to lift him up and who he can steal from is what will bring him down bigly.

  21. 40 0388jojothecat
    September 4, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    What if the only people in the WH will be iQ45, Jared and Ivanka?

  22. September 4, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    • 43 Nena20409
      September 4, 2018 at 1:59 pm

      I have not purchased a Bob Woodward’s Book since his the GWBush, 1st book. It looks, like I may have to get this book. I will put in my order this week.

    • 44 Nena20409
      September 4, 2018 at 2:24 pm

      According to Woodward, John Dowd did a practice Mueller interview with Trump. It went disastrously. Dowd told Trump: “Don’t testify. It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit.” He resigned as Trump’s lawyer the following day. Via @PhilipRucker

    • 45 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 2:31 pm

      Oh my GOD, the man is superstitious! No wonder he can’t sleep. Our only prayer is if he has a heart attack and dies in office this Nov or Dec.

      • 46 Nena20409
        September 4, 2018 at 3:02 pm

        I would not post such things about Dying here.
        I ❤ TODbot. I don't want Us to be a subject to some form of Federal eyes lurking around. Just my Opinion. Please this is Not to offend. I said this out of ❤ and warmthness.

        • 47 0388jojothecat
          September 4, 2018 at 3:11 pm

          Wishing someone has a heart attacks or not threats. “Federal eyes” are going to say what? It’s against the law to hope someone has a heart attack? I think not.

          • 48 0388jojothecat
            September 4, 2018 at 3:12 pm

            P.S. said the same thing after the awful things Scalia said in one of his court proceedings. See how that worked out for us.

          • 49 Nena20409
            September 4, 2018 at 3:54 pm

            Friendly suggestions. You don’t agree. I accept. I will mind my own business.
            I apologize.

      • September 4, 2018 at 5:20 pm

        jojo, these guys ain’t saving any lives. Some of the children they jailed are dead and more will die are perhaps take their own lives in the future. Some of those children may turn their anger on America in a few years. Puerto Rico.
        Death Party don’t care.

    • 51 Gazelle
      September 4, 2018 at 8:41 pm

      OMG! Insanity in the WH. Haunt him forbearers of The Oval, & follow his dumb arse everywhere! 😂😂😏

  23. 52 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 1:52 pm

  24. September 4, 2018 at 2:02 pm

  25. 60 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    and this, also in the Business World.

  26. September 4, 2018 at 2:09 pm

  27. September 4, 2018 at 2:12 pm

  28. September 4, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    • 65 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      When he met with Trump at the WH he was a sickophant for Trump. He would not side with the other kids who wanted something done right then and there. When Trumped ignored the kids Guttenberg was kissing up to Trump and the NRA. In my opinion he shamed his daughter’s memory by believing the GOP would do anything about the gun problem.

  29. September 4, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Is This a white Power sign….

    • September 4, 2018 at 3:05 pm

      Seeing a family resemblance. Look at the attitude. Get her out.

    • 69 Nena20409
      September 4, 2018 at 3:06 pm

      Yup. It is.
      At least, in 2 separate interviews last year…with Meet The Press and Face The Nation, Stephen Miller strategically was flashing those signs too. That woman is named, Zina Bash…..don’t know if she’s related to Dana Bash of #CNN. But she’s employed by the White House….so our tax $ pay her salary.

    • September 4, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    • September 4, 2018 at 3:49 pm

  30. 72 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    • 73 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      This ALL sickens me because NONE of this should be happening…Gorsuch, Kavanhaugh, ACA overturn, DEMS losing in 2016. The self-righteous left would not vote DEM in 2010, DEMs ran from PBO record 2010 & 2014, and Whites women & Young people turned away and voted GOP for no damn reason, Now they want PBO to help them win and are running away from the swamp monster they helped get elected when it might be too late. Only time will tell if we can undo the damage that PBO and Black women have been struggling to prevent.

  31. 74 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 2:59 pm

  32. 75 pkayden
    September 4, 2018 at 3:05 pm

  33. 76 idon
    September 4, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    This is my theory about Trump and why we need to fight tooth and nail to make sure this perjurer is not seated on the SCOTUS and is removed from the lower court where he currently sits.

  34. 78 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    • 79 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 3:32 pm

      Kelly covering his butt. Sorry, Gen’l Bob Woodward probably has you on tape or at least dates and times you said it. Be a man and tell the truth you coward! Sarah can’t help herself she’ll say and do anything for her job.

      • 80 idon
        September 4, 2018 at 3:36 pm

        There are five people Trump can’t get rid of. Mattis, Kelly, Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller.

        • 81 0388jojothecat
          September 4, 2018 at 4:02 pm

          Never say can’t. This GOP bunch will allow him to get rid and replace with people who won’t help indict the rest of the GOP. McConnell, Sessions, Lindsey, all of them or compromised by Putin.

    • 82 jacquelineoboomer
      September 4, 2018 at 4:13 pm

  35. 83 pkayden
    September 4, 2018 at 3:40 pm

  36. 84 Nerdy Wonka
    September 4, 2018 at 3:41 pm

  37. September 4, 2018 at 3:44 pm

  38. September 4, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    • September 4, 2018 at 3:53 pm

  39. 90 Don
    September 4, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    It is fascinating watching the Senate go about its business of trying to seat Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Norms, rules and traditions have been cast aside. I’m not shocked one bit by what is taking place in the Senate, but more than likely Kavanaugh will be confirmed (and I’ll happily accept a tongue-lashing if he isn’t confirmed). I don’t say this to cause a war of words, but I say this because this is what a Trump Presidency looks like in all its glory. Norms, rules and traditions serve no purpose in our present-day politics other than being a speed bump. From my viewpoint, Kavanaugh isn’t even the first Kavanaugh. In the history of America there have been many Kavanaughs. And we have overcome all of them, America is built to overcome a Kavanaugh, and all the hell he brings with him.

    • 91 jacquelineoboomer
      September 4, 2018 at 4:01 pm

      Excellent break for sanity and calm, amid all this insanity. Thank you.

    • September 4, 2018 at 4:57 pm

      -imo not a new/old “speed bump”. Aside from Mueller:
      GOP has all the cards + Putin + power over the election process. w/Kavanaugh they have the power to make mafia-traitor-mobster-Russian-asset/spy president walk away free. They can prevent themselves from being convicted.
      And change the Constitution = Turn us into Little Russia with a Lifetime president.
      Kremlin, Russian conspiracy in Congress and Russian infiltration of the American population are (officially) previously unknown factors.

  40. September 4, 2018 at 4:08 pm

  41. September 4, 2018 at 4:10 pm


  42. 98 Don
    September 4, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Fuck Bob Woodward and his book, fuck him and all the D.C. cocktail parties that this motherfucker attended where all kinds of horrors were discussed as he and his ilk sipped wild turkey. Woodward sat his funky ass up in the Whitehouse and listened to aide after aide tell him that Trump is batshit crazy. And what did Woodward do? He went on any news program that would have him and said absolutely nothing. While America burned Woodward sat in his chalet in his smoking jacket and edited his book.

  43. September 4, 2018 at 4:31 pm

  44. September 4, 2018 at 4:34 pm

  45. September 4, 2018 at 4:37 pm

  46. 103 0388jojothecat
    September 4, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Positive News:

    Tyler Perry offered Geoffrey Owens a job. So glad we can take care of our own. Hope Mr. Owens takes the job which can lead to other jobs.

    • 104 Nena20409
      September 4, 2018 at 5:00 pm


    • 105 idon
      September 4, 2018 at 5:11 pm

      Here’s Tyler Perry’s tweet. It made me tear up because this is what #BlackWealth is doing with their power. I love this

      • 106 0388jojothecat
        September 4, 2018 at 5:17 pm

        Thanks for posting the tweet idon. Yes, it’s very heart warming that we have Tyler Perry’s and Jay Z’s/Beyonces who our $’s help support so that we can support our fellow AA’s.

  47. September 4, 2018 at 5:12 pm

  48. September 4, 2018 at 5:30 pm

  49. 111 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    13th Deployment.


    • 112 0388jojothecat
      September 4, 2018 at 5:53 pm

      WHY!!!!! Why do they keep going back and WHY does the military keep letting them re-deploy? It should be forbidden for these brave men and women to go back into combat.

  50. 113 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 5:42 pm

  51. 115 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 5:43 pm

  52. 116 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 5:47 pm

  53. 118 Dudette
    September 4, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Hiya Family! Just popped to share this scrumptious morsel of news. There is goodness in the world.

  54. September 4, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    “Unlike other nominees in the past, it is clear where Brett Kavanaugh’s partisan leanings lie. He was involved with the Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton. He worked in the Bush White House, and he is a darling of the far-right. Trump nominated Kavanaugh because of his views on presidential power, and that he will be a get out of jail free card for this president. What Republicans are trying to hide by not releasing 102,000 pages of documents is that Brett Kavanaugh is out of step with the rest of the country. Kavanaugh isn’t a call it down the middle nominee. He is an extremist who will set progress back by decades on numerous issues if he is confirmed.” (Easley)

    • September 4, 2018 at 7:27 pm

      gop and McConnell hanging on to Kavanaugh for dear life because he has made his allegiances clear. Think of the probable choreography:
      -Very likely МcConnell knew that Russia was going to hack the election and pave the way for Trump.
      -Thus he obstructed Garland illegally for a whole year.
      -Then they got Justice Kennedy out of the way to make way for Kavanaugh.
      Let’s be sure to investigate Leader McConnell and his ties to Russia before anyone is ratified.

      • 122 Anna
        September 4, 2018 at 7:44 pm

        Agree with all you posted. Make Kavanaugh commit to recusing himself of all things involving Trump. I hope the hate in all these folks hearts destroy them.

      • 123 0388jojothecat
        September 4, 2018 at 7:45 pm

        Agreed. Paul Ryan, Devin Nunez, and Dana Rohrabacher too. I also want to investigate whether Justice Kennedy sold his seat or was paid off somehow. If Kavanaugh gets confirmed he also needs to be investigated thoroughly if he was paid off.

  55. September 4, 2018 at 7:44 pm

  56. 126 Anna
    September 4, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    Regarding Zina Bash, don’t care that she was born in Mexico or has holocaust survivors in her family, doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a “gang” member. Takes effort to make that “gang” symbol on her arm, is not a casual positioning of hand. I say BS to her nd husband denying it.

  57. 131 pkayden
    September 4, 2018 at 7:57 pm

  58. September 4, 2018 at 8:16 pm


  59. 138 jacquelineoboomer
    September 4, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    From one who knows:

  60. 140 Nena20409
    September 4, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    She was losing 1-3 when I got mad and stopped watching and Now, 6-4 turn around. Wow!

    Serena Williams…..Wow!

  61. September 4, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    I am here for this.

  62. September 4, 2018 at 8:32 pm

  63. September 4, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Folks like Chis Hayes told us that we were overreacting regarding the nazi symbols being displayed by the white house official sitting behind Cavanaugh…my resonse to hime is tha the speaks like a white man who does feeol fthreatened or in danger….

    …i know that TaNahesi Coates has left the public domain for which i am very sorry …this is a time when we could benefit from his voice…

    good article written by Adam Sewer..

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