Early Bird Rise and Shine

On This Day: First Lady Michelle Obama embraces Vicki Kennedy following President Barack Obama’s health care address to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Sept. 9, 2009 (Photo by Pete Souza)


Today (all times Eastern)

12:20: The President departs the White House

1:50: Arrives Michigan

2:25: Tours Michigan Technical Education Center; Macomb Community College, Warren, Michigan

3:40: Delivers remarks on making community college free

4:55: Departs Michigan

6:25: Arrives White House


On This Day: President Barack Obama throws a ball for Bo, the family dog, in the Rose Garden of the White House, Sept. 9, 2010 (Photo by Pete Souza)



106 Responses to “Early Bird Rise and Shine”

  1. 1 Roberta in MN
    September 9, 2015 at 8:32 am

    GM Chips, Danny & TOD. Made it to my Sister’s took some doing. I wasn’t in the best of places yesterday had to make several stops along the way. But got here safe & sound. I feel much better today. Now to go catchup on all the goodies from yesterday. BBL 🙂

  2. 6 taiping1
    September 9, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Morning all!

  3. 17 JER
    September 9, 2015 at 8:40 am

    Good Morning BFF and TOD.

    • 18 jackiegrumbacher
      September 9, 2015 at 9:03 am

      I hope President Obama and Dr. Jill have time for a long talk about the advantages of Joe Biden running for president. I think he would run if Jill was all for it. Dr. Biden could accomplish so much for education as First Lady and she could continue the outreach to military families that she and FLOTUS have worked so hard for.

    • September 9, 2015 at 9:17 am

      I can see FLOTUS eagerly campaigning for VP Biden. I’m not to sure about Hillary. I guess she would do so if Hillary is the nominee.

  4. 25 GGail
    September 9, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Good West Coast morning Chipsticks & TOD family. Return to work today 😩

  5. September 9, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Good morning, good people. Another hot day here in our week-long heat wave. Can’t remember it ever being this warm in SF. Can’t wait for fall, which I hope means cool breezes and maybe some rain but who knows.

    A new twitter account for the TOD Twitter Brigade:

    Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the U.S. military operation against ISIL. Follow here for breaking news, statements, and updates from the field

  6. 34 hopefruit2
    September 9, 2015 at 8:53 am

    G’morning Chips, TOD, even amk, everyone, and congrats Roberta on #1! 🙂 Happy Wednesday everyone. Still buzzing from last night’s tennis game…. 🙂 🙂

  7. September 9, 2015 at 8:56 am

    UH HUH
    UH HUH

    Christie bridge scandal investigation ripples lead to airline resignations

    Rachel Maddow explains how the resignation of the United Airlines CEO and two other senior officials is connected to Chris Christie’s George Washington Bridge scandal and the investigation into a special flight route nicknamed “the chairman’s flight” for the David Samson, the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and appointee of Chris Christie.


    • 36 jackiegrumbacher
      September 9, 2015 at 9:05 am

      Christie’s corrupt fingers reached everywhere. It will probably take years for NJ to exorcise the demons he created.

      • 37 99ts
        September 9, 2015 at 9:27 am

        The David Samson flight was news quite some time ago – it stopped 1 week after Samson resigned from the Port Authority. Seems the GOP doesn’t much want Christie in the lineup for President so MSNBC is allowing some negative reporting. The ads -before the piece by Rachel are all MJ and GOP candidates.

      • 38 99ts
        September 9, 2015 at 9:28 am

        mmm – that was a reply to rikyrah – wp doesn’t like me

  8. September 9, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Good Morning, Everyone 🙂

  9. September 9, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Lawrence Lessig to campaign on sole issue of campaign finance reform
    Rachel Maddow reports that Lawrence Lessig has reached a fundraising milestone to allow him to enter the Democratic primary, in which he will run on the sole issue of campaign finance reform. Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray discusses how pollsters take campaigns like Lessig’s into account in polls.


  10. September 9, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Still not sure what’s going on in the Senate as far as the Iran Deal vote goes. McConnell has rejected Reid’s challenge to go directly to a vote with a 60 vote threshold. McConnell tried to get consent for the Senate to attach the resolution of disapproval to the House-passed bill but Reid objected.

    I wasn’t sure what the WH preferred but Josh floated this yesterday:

  11. September 9, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Our fabulous SLOTUS Dr. Jill will be on AF1 with POTUS today. Hope they have a nice chat. Just sayin’…….

  12. 45 jackiegrumbacher
    September 9, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Good morning. Now that Congress is back in session Americans should feel wary about whatever evils the Republican majority will concoct. The only time we are safe from this Congress is when they are in recess. Americans had better get on the stick and elect a Dem majority in the Senate in 2016.

  13. 46 desertflower
    September 9, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Oh geeze! Yet another crackpot nutjob to join the KKKlown KKKar!


    There’s more than one wealthy eccentric in the 2016 presidential race now.

    John McAfee, who made his fortune on his eponymous anti-virus software, filed paperwork with the Federal Election Committee on Tuesday to run for President as an unaffiliated candidate.

    It remains to be seen whether a McAfee 2016 campaign can suck any oxygen away from Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has a much higher net worth but, compared to McAfee, a far less interesting personal history. For anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Trump, that’s really saying something.

    Here are a few points on McAfee’s colorful past that could potentially complicate a presidential campaign, from prior arrests to his dual citizenship. His campaign did not immediately return TPM’s request for comment.

  14. 53 hopefruit2
    September 9, 2015 at 9:21 am

  15. 54 GGail
    September 9, 2015 at 9:27 am

    So I just heard that the singer for Eye of the Tiger states on Twitter that Davis was not given permission to use the song and that he would not giver her permission to use any song of his.

    I hope you guys can locate the tweet

  16. 62 amk for obama
    September 9, 2015 at 9:31 am

    fecking idjits

  17. 63 carolyn
    September 9, 2015 at 9:32 am

    A little local piece of good news. Recently a Republican state legislator died (that’s not the good news) he was a real crank. Yesterday was the special election to replace him. A Republican man ran against a Democratic woman, former school teacher. Honestly, I didn’t think the woman, Cyndi, had a chance. I saw the report in the paper today (back page of first section) that Cyndi won, and won with a healthy margin. So, one less republican in the state legislature and one more Democrat. Good news.

  18. September 9, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Scott Walker’s new mission: Convincing voters he is still viable
    By Jenna Johnson September 8 at 6:57 PM

    ROCHESTER, N.H. — As Scott Walker traveled through New Hampshire’s 10 counties this weekend on a rented Harley-Davidson Road King, the 2016 presidential candidate kept getting questions like these: Are you worried? Are you going to be okay? What about Donald Trump?

    Walker has plummeted in early polls, falling from being one of the front-runners to registering as yet another Republican hopeful with single-digit support far behind Trump. His decline has been especially pronounced here in New Hampshire, home to the first-in-the-nation primary, where his polling averages resemble a ski slope — dropping from a 20 percent peak in April to just 5 percent now.

    During his two-day tour here pegged to Labor Day, Walker sought to show off his average-guy side — wearing a T-shirt and jeans while riding a motorcycle — and to tout his success in weakening unions in Wisconsin, where he is governor.

    But he instead spent a good chunk of the weekend addressing his viability as a candidate. He talked about former front-runners who never became president. He compared competing in the presidential race to running a half-mile track event in high school, sticking with the pack until the finish line is close. He also likened his strategy to skeet shooting, aiming the gun at the spot in the sky where the clay pigeon is headed, not where it already is. And he said the national media has been focused on the wrong issues, glorifying the wrong candidates and twisting his words.


    • 69 0388jojothecat
      September 9, 2015 at 11:46 am

      HAHAHAHAHA….He can only refer to situations when in high school the highest education he completed……No thanks, I want a president who can at least finish college….$arah Palin went to five different colleges but was the last career thing she completed.

  19. 70 amk for obama
    September 9, 2015 at 9:36 am

    did you all see the fab WH takedown of darth using his own venue aka pox news?

  20. 71 No Child Left Behind
    September 9, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Good Morning TODVille!

  21. September 9, 2015 at 9:38 am

    From Hillary on her facebook page:

    I wanted you to hear this directly from me:

    Yes, I should have used two email addresses, one for personal matters and one for my work at the State Department. Not doing so was a mistake. I’m sorry about it, and I take full responsibility.

    It’s important for you to know a few key facts. My use of a personal email account was aboveboard and allowed under the State Department’s rules. Everyone I communicated with in government was aware of it. And nothing I ever sent or received was marked classified at the time.

    As this process proceeds, I want to be as transparent as possible. That’s why I’ve provided all of my work emails to the government to be released to the public, and why I’ll be testifying in public in front of the Benghazi Committee later next month.

    I know this is a complex story. I could have—and should have—done a better job answering questions earlier. I’m grateful for your support, and I’m not taking anything for granted.
    I understand that you may have more questions, and I am going to work to keep answering them. If you want to read more, including my emails themselves, please go here:

  22. 78 FoxfireTX
    September 9, 2015 at 9:48 am

    Good morning TOD! Listening to HRC speech on Iran deal, I am reminded of why I never liked her foreign policy perspective. She would have us back to “no daylight” between US and Israel.

    It will be very curious to watch the negotiations between Reid and McConnell. The Rs just can’t believe they lost another one to PBO! And so much for the rally, too little too late. That they STILL thought they were going to defeat PBO on something that has been at the heart of his presidency from the time he was a candidate shows their inability to learn anything from past mistakes. Apparently they will continue to underestimate him until the day he leaves office. Fine with me given it gives him more room to continue to accomplish things on his agenda.

    Will be an interesting day!

    • 79 0388jojothecat
      September 9, 2015 at 10:29 am

      The GOP/TEANUTJOBS relied too much on the AIPAC and private anti-Iran deal teevee ads to do the trick. Fortunately it was during the time people were going on vacations, preparing for back to school, while PBO was working his people with the help of us calling, texting, congress plus John Kerry and Nunez talking to the Dems all of July & August that before McConnell realized GAME OVER PBO won again.

      • 80 cd4biden
        September 9, 2015 at 12:28 pm

        You know what I think it is….the Republicans have gotten so used to buying what they want that their only strategy seems to be to throw more money at it, whatever it is. No matter what it is just put out more ads, pay more lobbyists, contribute to another PAC. They haven’t got a clue how this new world of twitter, IG, Facebook, cell phones and so much more works, and thank goodness for that.

  23. September 9, 2015 at 9:51 am

  24. September 9, 2015 at 9:59 am

    The news lady on CNN this morning ask that Huckabee if a Muslim flight attendant had a right to not serve alcohol to passengers if it is against her beliefs. She asked him two or three times, he never said that she has that right, he never stood up for her rights like he did Kim Davis.

  25. September 9, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Did this really happen?

  26. September 9, 2015 at 10:23 am


  27. September 9, 2015 at 10:30 am


  28. September 9, 2015 at 10:58 am

  29. September 9, 2015 at 11:09 am

    Good morningTOD! Breakfast, Brunch? ☀️

  30. September 9, 2015 at 11:12 am

  31. 99 JER
    September 9, 2015 at 11:15 am

  32. 100 JER
    September 9, 2015 at 11:16 am

  33. September 9, 2015 at 11:23 am

  34. September 9, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Good morning TOD ….

    bbl …..

  35. 104 JER
    September 9, 2015 at 11:27 am

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