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2014: Criquet’s Most Memorable Moments

by Criquet


Whenever I see, hear or read about President Obama I am reminded of the comment made by the First Lady (which I am not quoting exactly) which, in essence, seemed to posit that the Presidency does not make you but rather it reveals who you are.

The following ten instances/events reveal exactly who President Obama is, I think, and so, here are my 10 most memorable things/events of 2014:


1. Between Two Ferns appearance

This is such a clear example of PBO’s willingness to innovate , explore all the available options and not be bound by others view of propriety and tradition if it prevents him from pursuing progress.


2. Shaking off Pres Putin with sanctions and diplomacy

….. embodied in the iconic photo taken at the G20 in Australia.

This shows his ability to out-strategise the rest in a chillingly intellectual manner.


3. Support, investment and  confidence in youth

…. the now annual Science Fair at the WH, the My Brother’s Keeper Foundation and the initiatives implemented with Native American Youth.


4. Working for all citizens and willing to do what’s right

…. the return of Sergeant Bergdahl and other persons held in North Korea and most recently Cuba.


5. Speech made in support of candidate for  Governor Tom Wolfe

 ….. which laid out all the policies which were implemented, worked and was a blueprint for the Democrats, if they had had the sense to use it. This showed PBO as both a policy and political giant.


6. What an amazing clutch player PBO is

….. He did what great champions do – bring their best game when it matters most and it did with the GOP sweeping the mid-terms. They have been put on notice that they have to re-calibrate and deal with an engaged President who won’t roll over and limp to the finish line.

After losing the midterms – climate change deal, immigration executive order, nomination of Loretta Lynch and change in relationship with Cuba. Shows he is the big boss, he runs the road – yeah he continues to be just like Lord Nelson delivering the Waterloo result to those who who keep predicting his own.


7. Colbert Appearance

…. shows not only his important ability to take a hard look at himself but to be aware of the need for self examination and critique. His counter-punching skills were also visible as he used the superb comedic performance and interview to get his message out.


8. The all women press conference

….. a huge drop the mic moment and ultimate exposure of the views of a whole lot of the male members  of the WHPC.


9 The Economy

9. His and his team’s smarts and tenacity that produced the 18,000 DOW, 5% GDP and all round great economic news in December 2014 BEFORE the crazy caucus takes up residence has rendered the GOP speechless – what a feat!


10 At last, vacation time

PBO able to go on vacation on time with his family, enjoy a most deserved break and recharge for the new year.


2014: Hopefruit’s Most Memorable Moments

By Hopefruit


In chronological order:

1 The Affordable Care Act poised for success – Phase I: February 2014

Funny or Die “Between Two Ferns” skit with Zach Galifianakis – As only PBO could do, the WH went around the media to reach young people about signing up for the ACA.   And what a moment that was! Digital and print media exploded; PBO’s appearance on the show went viral within a few hours – and in just one week, generating more hits than Justin Beiber’s appearance on the same program.  The skit was just funny, clever, and entertaining to many of us TODers who were pretty well-informed about the ACA.  But to millions of young people, it was a source of unfiltered info about an important quality-of-life decision. This was a success on all counts – saw a sharp uptick in referrals to, and got thousands of young people to sign up. And later in the year, the skit went on to win not just an Emmy nomination, but the program’s first Emmy Award.


2 The Affordable Care Act poised for success- Phase II: April 2014

ACA signups meet/exceed goal of 6M signups, with 7.1 million in initial enrollment period. This represented not just a psychological victory for PBO/ACA supporters after months of mockery of the website glitch and predictions of gloom by MSM pundiots and GOPers, but a tangible improvement in the lives of millions of ordinary Americans who for the first time could have affordable health insurance.  Ezra Klein stopped waiting for hold music and at some point, the MSM and GOP grudgingly conceded that running to repeal Obamacare was a useless exercise.

More here


3 Day after Nov 2014 Midterms – President Obama’s Press Conference

I don’t think there was a single Obot, TODer, genuine Dem who didn’t feel deflated, demoralized, discouraged, depressed, the day after the Nov 2014 midterms.  The voter turnout was abysmal; the GOP made gains in the house and had won the Senate – pretty much fulfilling the prophecy of the corrupt media and their year-long polling propaganda effort.  The GOP and their MSM allies were damn near euphoric….So we were all prepared to see PBO come out and speak in somber, carefully calibrated words to put a reasonable spin on a catastrophic outcome. However, by the time PBO finished his press conference – many in the MSM/GOP were left scratching their heads, the RWNJ’s were having a monumental meltdown, and we TODers were damn near euphoric…  I don’t need to give you all the details here – they’re all nicely summarized in this gem of a TOD post by Chips, tilted “the press conference: a tweet or two.”  This presser was not just meant for the GOP and MSM, but for the stupid Dems who decided to run away from PBO,  and paid a dear price for it.  Not only did PBO not give a conciliatory “lame duck” presser as the MSM/GOP had hoped, he doubled down on his progressive agenda, signaled to us that he was just beginning, and gave us a reason to be hopeful, excited, inspired, and to look forward to the next couple years.  And so far, our hope has NOT been dashed!


4 Immigration Announcement – November 2014

“We were once Strangers Too.”  As a naturalized US citizen, these poignant words from PBO resonated deeply with me, and as I can imagine, several TODers and other American citizens, residents and pending residents/citizens, who migrated to this country or whose parents, grand-parents and great-grand parents did the same at some point or another.  This announcement had to have been a watershed moment for thousands of Latino, Asian, African and other immigrants who would now be able to apply for work permits and not face deportations and unnecessary separations from their family members.  Again – in his PBO-esque manner, our President circumvented the corrupt media and made his announcement via Univision – where it effectively reached its target audience. And the rest is history in the making…


5 Major thaw in Cuba-US relations, along with release of Alan Gross – December 2014

What a day! What a team! Much thanks to PBO, Pope Francis, SOS Kerry, Raoul Castro and all who were involved in making this huge breakthrough a reality on December 17.  Bells ringing in Havana, children squealing in excitement, young and mature Cubans in the US and abroad – celebrating in approval – of this eradication of a failed 50-year policy.  And to top this off – the release of 5-yr detainee Alan Gross was something he will never forget. After his release, a jubilant and relieved Gross was quoted by media outlets as saying, among other things:  “What a blessing it is to be a citizen of this country,” “It’s good to be home,” and “Thank you and I wish you all a happy holiday season.”

President Obama talks on the phone with Alan Gross, who was en route to the United States from Cuba, in the Oval Office, Dec. 17, 2014. (Photo by Pete Souza)

Alan Gross talks with President Obama


Photo Of The Year: July & August


Your May Joint Winners:

(1) President Obama greets 95-year-old Lewis Coffield, a retired U.S. Army Corporal and “buffalo soldier,” at Stewart Air National Guard Base prior to departure from Newburgh, N.Y., May 28, 2014. With them is fellow “buffalo soldier” Sanders H. Matthews, Sr., 93, a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Photo by Pete Souza)

(2) First Lady Michelle Obama tours the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, Kan., May 16, 2014. Stephanie Kyriazis, Chief of Interpretation and Education, leads the tour (Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

(These two photos were neck and neck all the way, so I took the easy option and named them joint winners – so they’ll both be included in your final choice for 2014 Photo of the Year)


Your June Winner:

(3) WWII veterans greet President Obama following the 70th French-American Commemoration D-Day Ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, France, June 6, 2014 (Photo by Pete Souza)



(1) President Obama gets a hug from Special Olympics athlete Tim Harris, from Albuquerque, N.M

(2) President Obama greets the crowd outside Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque after having dinner with individuals who had written letters to him, in Kansas City, Mo. (Photo by Pete Souza)

(3) President Obama holds the baby daughter of former staff members Darienne Page Rakestraw and London Rakestraw in the Ground Floor Corridor of the White House (Photo by Pete Souza)

(4) President Obama greets audience members after he delivers remarks on the economy at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas (Photo by Pete Souza)

(5) President Obama greets patrons at Canter’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Pete Souza)

(6) First Lady Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez pose for a selfie before the 85th Annual League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) National Convention and Exposition in New York, N.Y. (Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

(7) President Obama talks with a little girl at the Charcoal Pit restaurant in Wilmington, Del. (Photo by Pete Souza)

(8) President Obama greets Emmitt and Pat Smith and family, and Team 22 on the Rose Garden steps of the White House (Photo by Pete Souza)

(9) President Obama talks with a young girl as he and the First Lady greeted military personnel and their families during the Fourth of July celebration on the South Lawn of the White House (Photo by Pete Souza)

(10) President Obama greets the family of departing staff member Archana Snyder, Council of Economic Advisers, in the Outer Oval Office (Photo by Pete Souza)



(1) President Obama during a statement on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri and Iraq (Photo by Doug Mills)

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Early Bird Rise and Shine

Hawaii randomness (2008) – (Loving the TOD snow falling on the beach 🙂 )








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