The President Plays Pool


Doug Mills: President Obama has a beer and shoots pool with Gov. Hickenlooper at the Wynkoop Brewing Company Bar.







Doug Mills: Obama has a beer with Gov. Hickenlooper at the Wynkook Brewing Company bar in Denver.


98 Responses to “The President Plays Pool”

  1. July 8, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    LOVE the POOL Shots!!!!!

    BTW ….

    Yes WE MUST

  2. 17 Cindy
    July 8, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    What is with the horse head – is the guy embarrassed that his friends will see him shaking the President’s hand?

    Pretty weird to me; just saying,

  3. July 8, 2014 at 11:11 pm

  4. 24 anniebella
    July 8, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    Three top Democrats to miss Obama speech at Cheesman Park tomorrow. I know what the media is trying to imply.

    • 25 anniebella
      July 8, 2014 at 11:19 pm

      They are in tight races so they are keeping their distance from Obama. Oh well.

    • July 9, 2014 at 6:12 am

      If they are missing PBO’s speech, they can’t be “top Democrats.” Top Dems like Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, Van Hollen, do not EVER miss PBO’s speech. The media is once again spreading lies.

  5. 27 4morefor44
    July 8, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    remember when “the news” used to promote w. bush as the guy you would “want to have a beer with?” especially funny since the murderous freak came from extreme american royalty who would never associate with the blue collar rabble, and DIDN’T EVEN DRINK ALCOHOL (at least in theory anyway).

    now we do have a president who came from modest means, and who actually drinks beer for real, and this same “news” has branded president obama as “out of touch” and “aloof.” just insane what our public discourse has become because of “the news.”

    • 28 jacquelineoboomer
      July 8, 2014 at 11:38 pm

      4morefor44 – Liked your “murderous freak” designation for W. Would he associate with blue collar rabble? Uh no, we know he wouldn’t.

      Two images spring to mind. The first is of President Obama’s reaching out to the cleaning staff member at the White House.

      The second is this, the link to which I wouldn’t even type on the same line that has the President’s name on it above:

      (@ 0:50)

  6. 29 jacquelineoboomer
    July 8, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    The look on the face of the woman in the image to the horsehead’s right was priceless. It’s more than just respect, it’s loveeeeeee!

    And I’m sure Pres. Obama didn’t even flinch when he saw the horsehead. He deals with Republican horse’s a$$e$ all week long!

  7. July 8, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    Goooooood Evening, Lovely Family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. July 8, 2014 at 11:44 pm

  9. July 8, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    • 38 Cindy
      July 9, 2014 at 12:49 am

      It better not be her phone number – call me Mr. Prez; Mrs. Obama doesn’t play that.

    • 39 jacquelineoboomer
      July 9, 2014 at 1:25 am

      There really should have been a Secret Service hand on her arm in that image. Fun to joke around since nothing happened, and I did, too – but that is not good.

      • 40 Cindy
        July 9, 2014 at 1:46 am

        Yes indeed jacquelineoboomer,

        I’ve seen them intercept people hands and arms going towards the President. This is just too close, near the heart and no agents.

        They need to look at this picture and study it for security purposes. This should never be allowed. Remember the crazy couple who crash the WH state dinner; Tareq Salahi and his wife, Michaele Salahi? The woman was face to face with the President before anyone knew what was going on.

        • July 9, 2014 at 1:58 am

          Cindy & Jacqueline, highly likely they were closely ‘screened,’ (metal detector, explosive detector, etc.) before they were allowed on the ‘rope line.’

          Not minimizing your concern, but the SS is vigilant, in many ways not at all obvious.

          • 42 Cindy
            July 9, 2014 at 2:04 am

            Thanks Mr.Bobfr,
            It just looks unsafe, and so many nuts are out there but I definitely understand what you’re saying.

            I think we are all so protective of this 1st Family because so much hate is out there.

            • July 9, 2014 at 2:15 am

              Dear Cindy, I admire and respect your concern and love for our 1st Family.

              Without doubt, lots of hateful folk exist and they’d certainly do harm if they could.

              That said, President Obama is not a fool and the SS know, way better than any of us, the threat potential. Thus, while we all should be rightfully concerned, the professionals have extraordinary tools that they use 24×7 to protect the First Family, the Bidens and others.

              That’s not to say that something horrible won’t happen, but it is absolutely essential that the President and VP project an image of confidence, love, and friendly interaction with our fellow citizens otherwise the terrorists (aka @GOP #teabaggers, etc) will have already won.


        • 44 jacquelineoboomer
          July 9, 2014 at 2:33 am

          Scary! Just said an extra prayer for our President’s personal safety!

    • 45 Nena20409
      July 9, 2014 at 10:22 am

      The gull of that woman. Seriously, reaching out and inserting a card? How would she like it if that was done on her person?

      Boundaries are not Only to Children, Females and the elderly. She is lucky that her hand was not snapped off.

  10. 47 Dudette
    July 8, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    Hmm, I wonder which brown-eyed girl was on his mind! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. 49 Nerdy Wonka
    July 8, 2014 at 11:54 pm

  12. 51 Nerdy Wonka
    July 8, 2014 at 11:58 pm

  13. July 9, 2014 at 12:12 am

    Was the guy in the horse head making PBO an offer he couldn’t refuse?

  14. 62 dotster3
    July 9, 2014 at 12:17 am

    Security seems to be a little too loosey-goosey there in Denver, imho. Don’t care for horse head guy or card in pocket gal.

    • 63 Cindy
      July 9, 2014 at 12:53 am

      Agree dotster3………the ladies were way too close, usually the secret service is right there surrounding him, appears to be too much slack IMHO.

      • 64 Cindy
        July 9, 2014 at 1:03 am

        You never know what nut is hanging out in the crowds – can never be too careful.

        This is the “President”, Mrs. Obama husband and Malia and Sasha’s dad. He needs protection 24 hours; with all the hate that is perpetrated against him there are no margins for slack.

  15. July 9, 2014 at 12:25 am

    All right ladies and germs, off to read some poetry and dream of horses’ heads. See y’all tomorrow.

  16. July 9, 2014 at 12:29 am

    For some reason, Dolly Parton asking an interviewer “So do you have a bunch of HARD questions for me” makes me all loosey goosey.

    Now, night all.

  17. July 9, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Couldn’t sleep…….some more shots of PBO in Denver:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  18. 72 amk for obama
    July 9, 2014 at 1:09 am

  19. 75 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 1:39 am

  20. July 9, 2014 at 1:40 am

    Lovely photos, busy day, for PBO and for mp. Brother arrived safely, lots to talk about years to catch up on. Miss you guys, big hugs all around!
    Hot in Seattle today. Whew.

  21. 80 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 1:48 am

  22. 81 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 1:49 am

  23. July 9, 2014 at 1:52 am

    Congratulations, Mr. Bobfr for #1!
    The woman placing something in POB was too close!
    What job was she applying for? SS should have come in between that gesture.
    As innocent as it may seem, respect is needed here.

    Let us continue to keep our President in prayer.
    This shaking hands and getting up close is not sitting well with me because of all the hate and racism that still exists.
    Our President has accomplished so much the haters cannot contain themselves.

    • 85 Cindy
      July 9, 2014 at 2:00 am

      Morning LDS,
      I feel the same way as I stated up thread. I pray for President Obama and his family everyday.
      The crowd converge on him and the agents need to be in place. The lady in red is right there, she could have done anything. Just like we are looking at this, some nut could be plotting. I feel that the agents were not on their J. O. B. in this instance and we all know it only takes a second.

    • July 9, 2014 at 2:06 am

      Thank you, LDS!

      As noted above, those folk who were allowed to be in close proximity to PBO were, without doubt, thoroughly screened and profiled by the SS. They have amazing tools at their disposal. That’s not to say that vigilance is mandatory, but I think President Obama and VP Biden are striving to ensure that an image of confidence, concern, fun and engagement with Americans is absolutely essential.

      #FORWARD Together

      #TrustBarack … He’s not a fool ….

    • 87 anniebella
      July 9, 2014 at 8:11 am

      I agree with you LDS, to me it’s all how something look and the President need to be careful too. I don’t care how friendly you are. CNN show someone asking POTUS if he want a hit, the anchor jokingly said POTUS didn’t say NO.I guess it was a joke. Maybe the loose bear need to be alittle more careful.

  24. 88 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 2:00 am

  25. 89 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 2:35 am

  26. 91 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 3:32 am

  27. 92 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 3:35 am

  28. 93 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 3:41 am


  29. 94 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 3:49 am

  30. 95 Dudette
    July 9, 2014 at 3:52 am

  31. 97 Nena20409
    July 9, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Hey Doc Bobfr ๐Ÿ™‚ You landed and earned top billing sealing it with a Gold Medal and then you enhanced it a tad, dropping the Mic with your notable observation ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well play Doc, Very well played ๐Ÿ˜†

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