The President And Vice President Honor The Nation’s TOP COPS


President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden pose for photographs with members of law enforcement during a ceremony to honor the 2014 National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) TOP COPS in East Room of the White House





White House: President Obama And Vice President Biden Honor America’s TOP COPS

This afternoon, the President and Vice President welcomed America’s “TOP COPS” – some of our nation’s best law enforcement officials – to the White House to honor their remarkable service and sacrifice. The TOP COPS are chosen each year by the National Association of Police Organizations, after being nominated by their fellow officers for their notable service during the previous calendar year. And as the President explained, all of today’s honorees – officers, detectives, patrolmen, special agents, and troopers – shared one thing in common:

When the moment came – when the shooting started, or a bomb went off, or a hostage was taken, or a child screamed for help – they did not hesitate. They went into action. They ran toward the danger – not away from it. And they risked their lives to save the lives of others. Vice President Biden echoed these comments in his own remarks, saying that the act of putting on the police shield each morning is, in and of itself, “an act of bravery.”

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President Barack Obama poses for a photograph with Brayden Gero, 9, and his father, Boston Police officer Jarrod Gero







Star Tribune: Obama Honors 2014 Top Cops; Says America Owes A Debt To Those Who Put Themselves In Danger

The United States owes a debt to the police officers who put themselves in danger to protect the nation, President Barack Obama said Monday as he honored the nation’s top police officers at the White House. In a ceremony in the East Room, Obama praised the recipients of 2014 National Association of Police Organizations TOP COPS. Obama said when the moment came, the officers didn’t hesitate to take action, but instead ran toward danger.

“The 53 officers, detectives, patrolmen, special agents, and troopers that we celebrate today are America’s finest, the best of the best,” Obama said. Some of the officers honored helped respond to the Boston Marathon bombing or the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. Obama said some sustained injuries or lost friends and partners in the call of duty.

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      Slid right in again :developer: ……….. I was watching the final minutes of the Brooklyn/Miami game. I will be lurking next time 😎

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        Hello, LPlains! Are you all done with ‘finals’ for this term?

        No lurking for me; I’m practically falling asleep on the keyboard. You can help keep the night action going in the village as I tag with you on my way out the door. Have a good night! 😉

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    I was hoping to see the little miss who was trying to make a break for it. 🙂

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    While trying to attack FLOTUS she forgot to check with these opposite spectrums of the world:

    ……and the internet rewarded her for her ignorance

  4. May 12, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    I have not watched CNN in over 2 months……. or really any U.S. based *news* channel, but looks like I missed the lost episode of “6 feet under”

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  5. May 12, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    As for the NBA their league constitution requires certain waiting periods while proceeding to remove an owner. For example: After Com. Silver announced his findings & banned D. Sterling for life……..their constitution requires a 5 day waiting period to convene a Board of Gov’s meeting (10 person panel) they met last week, and voted to remove him……… Sterling has 5 days to respond…another 10 days is required before formally going to a 32 team vote. After that (presuming his voted out by 3/4 of the owners) the legal options for D. Sterling are pretty weak. As for Shelly, she never signed any documents required by all owners……so she has no standing whatsoever…….regardless what her lawyers or she says.

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    Oh dear, Greenwald will be on Colbert Report. Don’t let me down, Stephen.

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    So the Trailblazers aren’t losing by 20 before halftime to the Spurs for once……which means I must leave the wonderful confines of TOD for the time being……so let me leave you w/ this gem from San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro last year & reiterated Saturday……..the game is on TNT and Charles (Auburn alum) was jokingly talking trash about the Spurs last year. For the non sports fans…….. Charles never won a NBA championship.

    • 24 Dudette
      May 13, 2014 at 1:00 am

      Ha! I have no idea what Charles Barkley said recently, but I know he has a penchant for talking out of his butt.
      This video is great! Well done, Mayor Castro!

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    Howdie-do, Good People of TOD!

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    I’ve missed everything today. Glad to know I can always count on TOD as the place to catch up the day’s events.

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    It’s Tuesday morning and I have to be up in 3 hours; get ready stomach, here comes the coffee parade.


    Don’t forget to count your BLESSINGS today, someone is worse off than you, AND would love to walk in your shoes.

    HAPPY TUESDAY! May You All Be Blessed Indeed-ALWAYS!

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    Can’t wait to get back to D.C. to take a look at the newly restored Washington Monument.

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    … or head further north to go frolic again in the City That Never Sleeps!

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      I have made a commitment to myself.

      I am going to New York in 2014; tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is gone. I have put this trip off every year. I have a picture similar to this one on my “vision board.” : )

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        Cool! I like the idea of a “vision board”. Ought to put one together for myself soon.

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    Now this is what you call clear water…

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    Haha! I feel her pain… often! 🙂

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    This is AWESOME! Way to go John Oliver!

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    I guess in the whole of the United States of America, not one women officer was a top cop

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