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1:15: President Obama arrives Austin, Texas

1:45: Tours classrooms at Manor New Technology High School

2:05: Delivers remarks (White House live)


4:15: The First Lady Hosts Mother’s Day Tea (White House live)


6:0: The President tours Applied Materials Inc.

5.40: Delivers remarks (White House live)

6:35: Departs Austin, Texas

9:45: Arrives the White House


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120 Responses to “Coming Up”

  1. 1 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    OMG! POTUS is in Austin!!!!!

  2. May 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Yea! Looking forward to seeing him in action

  3. 3 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!! Pres. Obama just landed in Austin. AF1 is circling and there is a ground freeze at ABIA. Everything is shut down and cleared for Pres. Obama’s visit.

    OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!

    • May 9, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      Naughty Mat for UT, stat!

    • May 9, 2013 at 1:22 pm

      😆 You okay UT????

      Some day, maybe, I will post the video of PBO flying over my house in Marine One ….. the only reason I haven’t done it yet is because it features, well, extraordinary heavy breathing 😕 And, if I remember right, a thumb over the lens…..

      • 7 jacquelineoboomer
        May 9, 2013 at 1:41 pm

        A couple of summers ago, my young visiting grandson and I were the only ones out on the street at the exact moment AF1 shoulda been overhead, leaving my city. We only saw one plane, and he spotted it and was running around, totally enjoying himself, pointing it out to me. Now, I don’t know if that was AF1 or not, but I told him that would be the only plane flying when the President was in the air, and that he was watching history, and he bought it! (Well, I bought it, too, there’s that.) Fun moment.

        • May 9, 2013 at 1:43 pm

          Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! 🙂

        • 9 theo67
          May 9, 2013 at 8:54 pm

          You were probably right, Jacq. They do clear the skies before he arrives and until he’s away from the airport. I just moved away from LAX, and I’d always know when to look out the window to see either the plane landing or Marine One lifting off because the skies would get very quiet. Never failed! So – you and your little grandson did witness history.

    • 12 MightyPamela
      May 9, 2013 at 2:01 pm

      WootWoot! Right there with you utal!

    • May 9, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      Oh My Utaustin, last summer Marine One (three of them) flew over my house as I sat out on my deck. The neighbors thought someone must have pulled out my toenails. I wanted to run into the house to tell everyone to come look, but I knew PBO would be gone before they could get outside So, I just stood out there screaming and waving and carrying on like a banshee in heat. I swear PBO had to hear me, and I just know there was a rotor tip in my direction. They were so low I could see all of the markings.

      Let me just say, I know how you feel.

      • 14 Sam Uk Obama Supporter
        May 9, 2013 at 3:20 pm

        Cookemom that reminds me of when PBO was in london a couple years ago and I saw him real close up in the beast and I screamed ‘President Obama I love you ‘ and i swear he looked back in my direction.

    • 15 anniebella
      May 9, 2013 at 3:27 pm

      omg Rick Perry.

  4. May 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Morning all.

    Ugh, my head feels like a subway musician is playing a dull bass drum inside it.

  5. 18 Maubyandice
    May 9, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Hi all! Hope everyone’s fine.

    AFI arriving in Texas: http://www.kvue.com/live-stream/Live-Streaming-Video-President-Obamas-visit-206772991.htm

    And Joe BIden in TNT in a little over a week!

  6. 19 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Pres. Obama steps off AF1 to huge cheers from those waiting for him. Mayor Lee Leffingwell (D) is super chuffed. He keeps taking pictures of AF1 and is so enthusiastic to meet Pres. Obama.

  7. 21 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:23 pm

  8. 22 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    God sure does have a wonderful sense of humor.

  9. May 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    • 27 pkayden
      May 9, 2013 at 2:00 pm

      True. Instead of letting them try to shift the blame.

    • 28 nathkatun7
      May 9, 2013 at 11:49 pm

      Yes Indeed, Tally! Just imagine, all the money the GOP is wasting over Issa’s Benghazi witch-hunt could be used to bolster embassy security.

  10. May 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Will always be fond of Austin – the town where I met my wife 🙂



  11. 31 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Austin ♥ Pres. Obama!

    • 32 vcprezofan2
      May 9, 2013 at 1:58 pm

      Are you anywhere near, Utal? Will you get to SEE him with your very own eyes, or are you too emotional to actually see him even if he were standing in front of you? 😀

  12. 36 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Bette Midler for the win.

    • 37 anniebella
      May 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      Bette, compare to what’s already in Congress, specially what’s on the Republican side, Sanford is a perfect fit. Another right wing crazy.

  13. 39 Linda
    May 9, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Gov. Steve Beshear (D) announced Kentucky would participate in a key element of President Barack Obama’s health care plan to enroll more people in Medicaid.

    Announced today: More than 300,000 uninsured Kentuckians will now have health coverage under new #Medicaid expansion #healthierKy

  14. 43 jacquelineoboomer
    May 9, 2013 at 1:49 pm

  15. 45 hopefruit2
    May 9, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    I love my President and so do the good people of Austin TX. 🙂

  16. 46 forus50
    May 9, 2013 at 1:58 pm

  17. May 9, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    • 49 vcprezofan2
      May 9, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      I was trying not to comment, but the view of Rick in the tweet Utal shared above (approx. comment # 15) reminded me strongly of McCain in that awful pic after his debate with PBO years ago. I guess senior GOPs get addled/befuddled when in the presence of greatness.

    • May 9, 2013 at 2:14 pm

      That’s his AR15 walk.

      • 51 MightyPamela
        May 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm

        Hope, yo is bad too! 😆 Here is poor old Rick, trying to study PBO to learn some swaths, and all you girls can think of is how silly he looks! Of course he does! He is silly! He ain’t nevah gonna have what PBO have…. Not in this lifetime…. 😆

    • 53 COS
      May 9, 2013 at 2:21 pm

      🙂 🙂 🙂 What happened to Rick?

    • 54 anniebella
      May 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm

      Something is wrong with Rick Perry legs, isn’t it? He sure walks like it.

  18. May 9, 2013 at 2:13 pm

  19. 60 jacquelineoboomer
    May 9, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Hey, good news, and a better use of McCain’s time … and the time of you-know-who at the stupid link:

  20. 66 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    White House press secretary Jay Carney says any U.S. troops left in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of combat troops in 2014 will only be there to train Afghan forces and that the United States is not seeking permanent military bases there.

    “The United States does not seek permanent military bases in Afghanistan, and any U.S. presence after 2014 would only be at the invitation of the Afghanistan government and aimed at training Afghanistan forces and targeting the remnants of al Qaeda,” Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One.

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai had said earlier Thursday that he is prepared to allow the United States to have nine military bases in the country, the AP reported.

    Carney said negotiations about troop levels after 2014 are “ongoing” and the administration expects the resulting bilateral security agreement to “address access to and use of Afghanistan facilities by U.S. forces.”


  21. 67 Linda
    May 9, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    John McCain wants to unbundle cable and to stop broadcasters like CBS and Fox from moving their stations to pay TV. The Arizona senator right now on the Senate floor is introducing The TV Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 (read it here).

    The legislation is intended to “allow the consumer, the television viewer who subscribes to cable, to have à la carte capability. In other words, not required to buy a whole bunch of channels that that consumer may not want wish to subscribe to,” McCain said moments ago.

    The former GOP Presidential candidate also went after broadcasters like CBS and Fox who have said that they could move to cable if they lose in the courts against Barry Diller’s Aereo streaming service. “We’ll also establish consequences if broadcasters choose to downgrade their over-the-air service,” McCain told the Senate. His legislation would also eliminate the sports blackout rule “in events that are held in publicly financed stadiums.”

    I have been hoping for something like this forever .! I think there should just be a base fee and then we get to pick the channels we want.

  22. 71 daisydem
    May 9, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Hello Austin! Hello utaustinliberal! Hello my President! (And just for today, hello Rick Perry; maybe your proximity to our President will enable some smarts to rub off on you. Maybe.)

  23. 72 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 2:20 pm

  24. 73 japa21
    May 9, 2013 at 2:21 pm

  25. May 9, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Ok, I feel dirty. I just helped a patron to UNregister to vote. SMH.

    • 75 vcprezofan2
      May 9, 2013 at 2:40 pm

      Briefly, what was his/her reason – fed up with GOPs? And why would s/he need to UNregister? I’m sorry, but American voters are a puzzle to me.

    • 77 cookemom
      May 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm

      Hmmm, why would a person unregister to vote? Wouldn’t one just not show up at the polls, or did they consider it an act of defiance or something? Maybe they’re getting ready to go underground, and don’t want a paper trail. Hmmmm, I say….hmmm.

  26. May 9, 2013 at 2:26 pm

  27. 84 cookemom
    May 9, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    SCREEEEEEECH!!!!!! That’s me rounding the corner just in time to see PBO speak. Utaustinliberal, I hope you survive PBO’s visit to your neck of the woods. I replied to your OMGs upthread on how having three Marine One choppers fly directly over my deck caused my neighbors to check to see if I needed resuscitation.

    • 85 vcprezofan2
      May 9, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      Here`s a bottle of water, friend! That brake job probably calls for some lubrication. 😉

      • 86 cookemom
        May 9, 2013 at 2:47 pm

        Yea, an oil job may do the trick. I’m not sure though since the screeching came as I ran around the corner and through the door on foot to take my seat at the ‘puter.

        Maybe a soak of the tootsies in a tub of lard should remedy that awful sound. Then again, there’s something to be said about seeing PBO gets to the soul of my soles.

  28. 88 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    White House press secretary Jay Carney on Thursday lashed out at Republicans for what he called a “historic level of obstructionism” on President Obama’s cabinet picks, including EPA nominee Gina McCarthy.

    “There has been a historic level of obstructionism from the Senate on this nomination and others,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One. “…It just demonstrates that predilection for obstructionism that is bad for the functioning of the federal government in important areas.

    “We call on Republicans in the Senate to stop gumming up the works when it comes to the confirmation process, when it comes to nominees who are enormously qualified,” he said.

    Republicans staged a last-minute boycott of a scheduled committee vote Thursday on Gina McCarthy, and Republican Sen. David Vitter alone has submitted more than 650 questions for her, an amount Dems decried as a record-shattering barrage.

    “We believe that the Senate will confirm her to her post, and we call on Republican to stop the theater and to move forward with the process,” Carney said.

    Republicans also threw a wrench in the confirmation process for Labor pick Thomas Perez, insisting a committee vote scheduled Wednesday be delayed.

    Carney suggested that was part of the “pattern and practice” of GOP obstructionism.

    “It’s regrettable because these are highly qualified nominees,” he said. Still, Carney pledged, “We’re going to continue to work with the Senate to move these nominations forward.”

  29. 89 vcprezofan2
    May 9, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    😆 😆 Though the truth of it is not really funny.

  30. May 9, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Soooooooo excited for you to have POTUS in Austin, ut!!

  31. 98 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    President Obama will not entertain any discussions about debt limit negotiations, National Economic Council director Gene Sperling told reporters Thursday.

    Echoing President Bill Clinton’s famous 1996 declaration about the “era of big government,” Sperling said there is no space in Washington for members of Congress vowing to refuse to increase the debt limit, as they did in 2011 in a showdown solved with the sequester.

    “The president has been crystal clear, the era of anyone threatening default has to be over,” Sperling said. “The era of anybody using the potential of default or tarnishing the full, faith and credit of United States as a budget tactic or a negotiating tool has to be over. And so he’s made clear that he is simply not going to negotiate on the debt limit, that it is the responsibility of the United States Congress to authorize payments of debt that have already been obligated.”

    The sequester, Sperling said, does not deal with any of the long-term entitlement spending that Republicans profess to be most concerned about.

    “What’s in place right now is a sequester that was designed by both parties to be so stupid that it wouldn’t take place. It doesn’t deal with any of our long-term challenges, it hurts job growth in the present and it makes it more difficult to invest in the future.”

    Uh huh, uh huh…

  32. 101 anniebella
    May 9, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    How many pictures of POTUS and Rick Perry do we need to see? How about one is enough. I’m surprise he showed up to greet POTUS.

    • May 9, 2013 at 2:36 pm

      Just having a laugh Anniebella, relax!

    • 103 MightyPamela
      May 9, 2013 at 2:39 pm

      {{{{anniebella}}}} remember he was so deeply impressed when PBO cam to West…. He may have had some change of heart. Chipsticks, on the other hand, cannot help herself! It must be cheesy puff break time somewhere in this country… Like in Seattle!

  33. 104 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    I am loving the student introducing Pres. Obama.

  34. 105 cookemom
    May 9, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Wonderful introduction by that young man. That was as good as any I’ve heard.

  35. 106 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    You hear that. DO YOU HEAR THAT.

    Welcome fellow Longhorn Obama! 😀

  36. 108 MightyPamela
    May 9, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Oh, whoa! I keep forgetting, today, this very day: New Moon in Taurus 19degrees 31 minutes. Also an Annular eclipse of the a sun: an annular eclipse is when a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon. The annular phase will be visible across a 107-141 mile wide path through Australia, eastern Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Gilbert Islands. A partial eclipse, the Moon’s penumbral shadow, is visible in Australia, Indonesia, Oceania and much of the central Pacific Ocean. Sorry, guys, that’s on the other side of the world, but maybe 99ts will see a bit of it, tho it is north and east of her. We all get to feel it, even if we can’t witness it!

  37. 109 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    What a jackass.

  38. 110 utaustinliberal
    May 9, 2013 at 2:53 pm

  39. May 9, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    • 112 jackiegrumbacher
      May 9, 2013 at 4:19 pm

      Jovie, I mentioned the other day that PBO would stand fast on the debt limit and NOT negotiate. When he said that, I knew he would not go back because he’s very concerned that he not set an intolerable precedent for future presidents. I love that Sperling says, “there’s no space in Washington for members of Congress vowing to refuse to increase the debt limit.” In other words, you are not qualified to be a member of Congress if that’s your game. The Republicans would be profoundly stupid (well, more so than usual) to cause an international default on our debt and they would feel a great backlash if they caused a government shutdown. It’s all very well to showboat and brag to your base about how defiant you are, but it’s another thing altogether when the SS checks don’t come in. I think the president will make it VERY clear who’s gumming up the works and I wouldn’t be surprised if he told House Democrats last night that they better get on board on roundly condemning the Republicans if they let this happen.

  40. 113 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    Msnbc is covering Benghazi, can’t be bothered with a Leader who wants to solve problems… :(. 😦

  41. 114 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Come on now !

  42. 115 CarolynfromDetroit
    May 9, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    The media is a joke! I don’t know how to tweet, but I”m glad people are pushing back on the lies the repub are spewing.

  43. 116 Jovie
    May 9, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I would hope so…

  44. 117 Ladyhawke
    May 9, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    What Darrell Issa really wants out of Benghazi hearing

    By Anthony Clark


    Others have covered many aspects of his story. They have written about his alleged misdeeds, before and after he entered Congress. They have ably discussed Issa’s illegal disclosure of wiretaps; his irresponsible release of sensitive unredacted State Department documents; his political misuse of official funds; his use of his public office for personal gain; his inability to be honest about his own military service record; his treatment of his private business partners; his youthful (and not-so-youthful) experimentations with borrowing other people’s cars without permission; his failed attempt to recall and succeed Gray Davis as governor of California (and his Boehner-esque acceptance of his failure); his characterization of the Sept. 11 attacks as “simply a plane crash”; and his disregard for tradition, House rules and plain decency in the selection of Democratic Minority witnesses.

    Sure, these and other issues call into serious question Issa’s integrity, or fitness to serve in the United States Congress, much less chair a House committee vested with personal subpoena power.

    But I’d like to look instead at Darrell Issa, Oversight chairman.



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