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Chat Away – or Body-Surf (Whichever You Prefer)

I’m off to body-surf for a couple of hours ….. okay, okay: not technically true.

Back later, chat away 😉


Rise and Shine

Star Advertiser: President Barack Obama left Washington D.C. Tuesday night and is flying to Hawaii to rejoin his family on vacation.

….. Air Force One took off at about midnight. Obama is expected to arrive in Hawaii about 10 hours later, landing at about 5:15 a.m. Hawaii time.

Family friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett, White House spokeswoman Jay Carney, and deputy chief of staff Alyssa Mastromonac were also on the flight.

[The White House did not say how long the president would stay, but earlier security arrangements indicated the island of Oahu was prepared for him to stay until Jan. 6]






BooMan: For the first time in some of your lives, the House of Representatives just passed a bill that the majority of the majority party opposed. Ordinarily, such votes are not even allowed to happen …. this is the first time that Republicans have voted for tax increases since they helped Poppy Bush violate his “Read My Lips” pledge over twenty years ago…..

If you are worried that we will see cuts in entitlements two months from now, you are probably correct. We were never going to escape that entirely. But any cuts we see will be matched by further tax hikes. We have a president who is coming off a series of victories whose popularity will have never been higher, and he isn’t going to cave…..

Relax. Have a cigar. Bask in the glow.

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TPM: During tense fiscal cliff negotiations, House Speaker John Boehner last Friday told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “go fuck yourself,” according to a Politico report published early Wednesday. Boehner confronted Reid in the White House lobby and later bragged about it to his colleagues, according to the report.




Sometimes you just have to smile at NY Daily News’ headlines:


CNN: In a move that surprised many lawmakers and angered others, House Republican leaders wrapped up this session of Congress Tuesday night without voting on a package that would have provided billions of dollars in aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The Senate passed the $60.4 billion measure last week, and senators from New York had called on the House to take it up promptly. But because the House failed to act and a new Congress will be sworn in Thursday, the entire legislative process will have to start over – delaying the package from disbursing money to affected states.

GOP leaders announced they would not bring up any legislation Wednesday – the last day of the session – as many expected. This prompted many angry Democrats and some Republicans – mostly from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut – to demand that House GOP leaders bring members back and vote on the bill.

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Still chuckling at Sludge’s meltdown last night:



Morning everyone!







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