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coming up

Tomorrow (Eastern Time):

10:20 AM PBO participates in an Official Leaders’ Photo

10:30 Participates in a Leaders’ Retreat

1:50 PM Holds a multi-lateral meeting with Caribbean Leaders

3:10 Attends a bilateral meeting with President Santos of Colombia

3:40 Holds a bilateral working lunch with President Santos

4:35 Holds a joint press conference with President Santos

6:10 Tours San Pedro Claver Church

6:20 Participates in a cultural event with President Santos

7:10 Departs Colombia en route Washington, DC

11:35 Arrives Joint Base Andrews

11:50 Arrives the White House


Next week:

Monday: Attends meetings at the White House.

Tuesday: Welcomes Tony Stewart and the 2011 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers to the White House to honor Stewart’s Sprint Cup Series Championship.

Wednesday: Travels to the Cleveland, Ohio area to deliver remarks at an event on the economy. Later, he will travel to Michigan to attend campaign events. The President will return to Washington in the evening.

Thursday: Welcomes the BCS National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide to the White House to honor their 14th championship.

Friday: Welcomes the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride to the White House.


arrival ceremony

Colombian attorney Silvio Carrasquilla and his friends walk with his baby donkey Demo, which he dressed as the mascot of the U.S. Democratic Party, as they try to approach President Barack Obama and give Demo to him as a present, in Cartagena


…. Carrasquilla holds up his baby donkey Demo as the motorcade carrying President Obama passes by

…. Carrasquilla holds a leaflet with instructions for President Obama for the care of Demo

Oh no…..

…… Carrasquilla is stopped from approaching the convention center


President Obama arrives at the Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Convention Center in Cartagena

…. with Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and his wife Maria Clemencia Rodriguez

…. Shakira sings the Colombian national anthem

…. with Grenada’s Prime Minister Joseph Thomas

…. with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

…. with Dominican President Nicholas Liverpool

…. with Guatemalan President Otto Perez


take that, tweety


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff speaks alongside her counterparts from the US Barack Obama and Colombia Juan Manuel Santos during the CEO Summit on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, April 14. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was the moderator for the discussion.

Full discussion:


From yesterday:

Thanks CollegeKay


heads up: pbo at the summit of the americas

White House live

CNN live streaming




You don’t often see Daily Kos linked around here – well, not since it became Firebagger Central. But this Conceptual Guerilla diary is a gem, so I’ll break the habit of a lifetime and link to the place.

The gist: CG got an email from “a guy who used to call my radio show over in Jacksonville” who described every Democrat as a “communist”.

This was CG’s reply:

That’s right, Rod.  Every Democrat is a communist … going all the way back to 1933 when FDR set up New Deal Communism. That would be the same New Deal communism you grew up under. The New Deal Communism that made us the richest, most powerful nation in history. The New Deal Communism that took us to the moon just 36 years after FDR was sworn in.

Let me show you the track record of those New Deal Communist Democrats.

Communist Truman left 2.5 percent unemployment to Eisenhower.

Republican Patriot Eisenhower left recession and 6.5 percent unemployment to Kennedy.

Communist Johnson left 3.5 percent unemployment to Nixon.

Republican Patriot Ford left recession and 7.5 unemployment to Jimmy Carter.

Communist Carter wasn’t able to improve much on the recession he inherited . . .

… and neither were Republican Patriots Reagan and Bush, who left recession and 7.2 unemployment to Bill Clinton.

Communist Bill Clinton left 4.2 percent unemployment to Dubya . . .

Republican Patriot Dubya left recession and 7.6 percent unemployment to Communist Barack Obama.

No Republican Patriot ever left office with unemployment under 5% …. including Reagan. No New Deal Communist ever left office with higher unemployment than they inherited …

More here

And this is CG’s video – be warned, it contains Rush Limbaugh, but it’s brilliant:


rise and shine


Today: PBO begins his day with a CEO Summit of the Americas. He will then join the other leaders for an arrival ceremony in the early afternoon. From that, they will go into the plenary session, which will run throughout the afternoon. The leaders will again have a dinner during which they will continue their discussions.

Sunday: In the morning there will be an official photo for the Summit. That will be followed by the leaders’ retreat, which will run throughout the morning and conclude the summit program. The President will then have a multilateral meeting with Caribbean leaders.

In the afternoon, the President will have a bilateral program with President Santos of Colombia that will include a meeting and a working lunch. The two leaders will then hold a joint press conference and will participate in an event at San Pedro Claver Church. In the late afternoon, the President will return to the United States, getting back to Washington late Sunday night.


White House live


It’s our Colombian Obot!




Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos greets President Barack Obama upon his arrival at Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the largest colonial fort in Colombia, for a dinner of the leaders of the Summit of the Americas

…. with Maria Clemencia Rodriguez, wife of the Colombian President


President Calderon greets Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller

…. greeting Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen


Servers at a Summit of the Americas leaders dinner at Castillo San Felipe de Barajas



Morning everyone 😉







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