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President Barack Obama arrives at the White House after a three day trip to Washington state, California, and Colorado.


souza the great

President Barack Obama shakes hands with people gathered at Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver, Colo., Sept. 27. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



President Obama at Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver, September 27


press on, donna!

The deadline is September 30, here are the current leaderboards:


From Donna Dem:

I’ll need your help to make this once in a lifetime opportunity happen. It will take every donation I can acquire this week. So I’m asking you to do something a little different. If you can donate, will you please make it in multiple amounts? I know this is asking an extra step or two or three or more but this is how we’ll increase my totals in these final days. A $6.00 or $9.00 donation split into $3.00 donations will go a very long way toward winning this challenge.

A word of caution: If you have already made ten (10) donations to my fundraiser this month you have maxed out for this challenge. Thank you for your many donations. So for those who cannot donate or are not in a position to donate please continue to support this effort by sharing my fundraiser link with your family and friends and ask them to donate a small donation if they can.

All the thanks and appreciation I can gather is being sent your way. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

If you can, please help Donna Dem by donating here – thank you.


Today’s email from the President: I enjoy talking about fundraising deadlines as much as I imagine you enjoy hearing about them. But this Friday’s deadline is important.

It’s a chance for us to prove how we’re different from any campaign in politics: We rely on ordinary Americans giving what they can – one grassroots donation at a time.

This is not just a campaign. It’s a chance for each of us as citizens to organize and change the course of history. And before we close the books this Friday at midnight, I hope you’ll become a part of it.

Please donate $3 or more today.

I’ll be calling some grassroots donors like you by phone this week, so I can say thank you. And if I don’t call you, there’s a chance I’ll see you at dinner with three other supporters sometime soon. Even if I don’t get to thank you personally, every single donation counts.

Thanks for doing your part,



See? Even the President is asking you to donate to Donna Dem’s fundraiser 😉


out of his (ivy) league …. and rick-rolled


next, denver

President Barack Obama waves before boarding Air Force One as he leaves Los Angeles, Sept. 27

President Obama greets Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as he arrives at Buckley Air Force Base near Denver

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Rep. Ed Perlmutter

President Obama signs a poster for school children upon his arrival at Buckley Air Force Base


‘the reality of obamacare’ – an update from ross

You might remember an article posted here about 10 days, ‘Couple comes face to face with reality of ‘Obamacare’: After more than five weeks on a ventilator, Amy Ward is finally being weaned off it to breathe on her own. She no longer requires dialysis. But a near-fatal infection resulting from a freak accident has left her with a long road of rehab ahead.

In the time he’s spent at his wife’s bedside in a hospital critical care unit, her husband has been able to do a lot of thinking. Ross Daniels, on unpaid family medical leave from his IT job to tend to his wife, has had to face the real possibility that he would lose her, though she’s just 39….

… Daniels has also thought about what would have happened if portions of the new federal health care law had not been in place. His wife’s insurance had a million dollar lifetime cap on benefits. Her current expenses have already exceeded that. One medication costs $1,600 a dose. Without the protection against lifetime limits the new law provides, they would have had to declare bankruptcy.

…. by the time the next president is sworn in, enough people will have experienced the protections and benefits it offers that no elected official would risk his or her standing by rescinding it. That’s the value of first-hand experience, painful as it may be. It brings you closer to the truth than all the political platitudes in the world.

Full article here


Ross very kindly left a comment under the original post (here), and he came back today with another message:

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. They are are a great source of strength to both of us. Amy continues to get stronger every day and making great steps towards a full recovery.

I simply cannot believe the response that this article has received from so many people. It has helped restore my faith that, as Anne Frank said, people are generally good. This faith had been and continues to be shaken by the support the tea party continues to receive on this, and so many other issues.

What I hope people take away from this article though is not a sob story about what we have been through. Yes, it has been a living hell for me personally, but we are fortunate in that we have excellent insurance. We have the savings so that my leave is not an undue hardship and I will have a job to go back to when this is over. We are just the cautionary tale of”what could have been”. I hope people realize that this story applies to millions of people who are LESS fortunare than we are, as opposed to just about us.

Thanks again to all of you,



Thank you Ross, wishing Amy a speedy return to full health, and wishing you both the happiest of futures. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


coming up

President Barack Obama greets people along a rope line at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego, Calif., Sept. 26, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

White House live



US veteran Vicki Wagner waits for the President outside a Los Angeles fundraiser event holding a sign thanking him for the lifting of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, September 26


he’s running! oh, wait.

February, 2011

NJ. com: Members of Gov. Chris Christie’s inner circle said today he won’t run for president, batting down increased speculation that spiked on Monday when former Gov. Tom Kean said Christie was thinking about throwing his hat in the ring.

Christie’s brother, a well-connected Republican fundraiser, said the governor hasn’t changed his mind. “I’m sure that he’s not going to run,” Todd Christie said. “If he’s lying to me, I’ll be as stunned as I’ve ever been in my life.”

Three people close to Christie said they were surprised by Kean’s comments …. They said the two men hadn’t spoken in about a week and they insisted that Christie wasn’t going to run. Kean told the magazine’s website on Monday that Christie is giving a presidential run “a lot of thought,” saying, “I think the odds are a lot better now than they were a couple weeks ago.” … Kean has not returned phone calls….


The NYT said today that one of the wealthy GOP supporters offering to back Christie is none other than that charming enemy of democracy, David Koch. Wow, these creatures really aren’t happy with their field, eh?







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