minnesota bound

President Obama departs the White House aboard Marine One on August 30. The President is scheduled to deliver remarks at the American Legion Annual Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center later today

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  1. 1 collegekay
    August 30, 2011 at 9:38 am

    He looks so handsome. I’m gonna miss the speech since I’ll be in class till 3pm ugh

  2. 10 edp4bho
    August 30, 2011 at 9:40 am

    I was wondering why Prez was a bit distracted while I was listening to him on Tom Joyner Morning show. I’d forgotten he needed to leave today for Minnesota. And Tom had the nerve to put him on hold for a commercial break….LOL. Good luck and God Bless Mr. President. Love you !!

    • 11 Blackwaterdog
      August 30, 2011 at 9:51 am

      The interview was pre-taped. I saw the president boarding AF1 while still talking to TJ. Now this is the kind of walking and chewing gum that even PBO can’t master. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 16 hopefruit2
    August 30, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Romney is on his “stalk President Obama” tour once again, with his opportunistic address to the VFW in San Antonio at 11:20AM. I guess he will be giving some version of his Martin Luther King dedication speech once he knows the new schedule for that event too?

    • August 30, 2011 at 9:43 am

      Is he pathetic or what? Everything the President does, he tries to do. Idiot.

    • 22 Sue in Minnesota
      August 30, 2011 at 10:05 am

      Riding on the President’s coattails….his campaign people are a bit lacking in the creativity department. The flip flopper doesn’t have much of a spine….I’m not seeing it anyway.

    • August 30, 2011 at 10:13 am

      I can’t believe vets will buy into Romney – he’s so phony and superficial. And what could he really say to the vets to try and win their votes?

    • 24 Debz
      August 30, 2011 at 10:26 am

      Instead of stalking the President, Mittens should be looking over his shoulder for Perry. The idea of running a general election campaign may have been okay while he had a lead in the polls, but he better forget the Prez for now and start running against Perry or he can just go back to whatever hole he crawled out of because he will lose to Perry. If Mittens thinks that any one with a brain thinks what he is doing is presidential he better think again, he just looks like and idiot.

    • 25 edp4bho
      August 30, 2011 at 10:45 am

      We ought to get a label going for this perp…..The Stalker, or something to this effect. He needs to know we are watching his Howdy Doody ass.

  4. 27 collegekay
    August 30, 2011 at 9:50 am

    — new thread so i’ll post this again

    Here is the transcript of PBOโ€™s interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Hopefully we get audio soon so we can hear his sexy voice. Have a good day everyone.


  5. 29 Sue in Minnesota
    August 30, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Minnesota is thrilled to welcome you back today Mr. President…..the weather is a bit drippy, don’t forget your umbrella. I’ll be in the dentist’s chair….damn! Only good thing is I go in the opposite direction of the traffic delays that we might reasonably expect. Somehow I think our President might bring the sunshine with him ๐Ÿ˜€

    Everyone have a terrific day…I’ll have to catch up later.

    Has Fred popped her head in?…been thinking about her alot.

    • 30 VCprez at library
      August 30, 2011 at 11:18 am

      I’ve been thinking about Fred too this morning. I’ve been reading down the posts, keeping an eye out for any comments. Hope she’ll touch base when she is able. (I’m at the public library and can’t really see clearly what I’m typing so I hope all’s in order. It only becomes visible when you post.)

      Have a good Tuesday, Everyone!

  6. 31 hopefruit2
    August 30, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Local MN vet says this about PBO:

    /// “(ABC 6 NEWS) — Stewartville Veteran Joseph Kidd worked as a hospital coreman overseas but that experience doesn’t count back home has a civilian. He has to go back to school for a nursing license. And Kidd expressed that concern to President Barack Obama last week when they had lunch together in Cannon Falls. Monday we’ve learned President Obama listened. Now change is happening at the U.S. capitol.” ///


  7. 35 blondegrrl
    August 30, 2011 at 10:35 am

    Godspeed, Mr. President – looking forward to what you have to say at the American Legion Conference.

  8. August 30, 2011 at 10:39 am

    The kids are alright. A group of high school students in my area have formed a Youth Labor Committee and are demanding that Sears cuts ties with its textile factory in Jordan where there have been many human rights abuses including accusations that managers there “serially rape young female workers”. In addition to Sears and its Lands’ End catalog, Walmart, Target, Hanes and Macys also have their clothing made in this same factory. I am proud of these kids and the awareness they are bringing to this very disturbing and ugly situation, which is happening at many low wage factories around the world.

    • 37 edp4bho
      August 30, 2011 at 10:49 am

      Thank you, and all who post such, for invaluable info on what is really going on in the world that too many Americans don’t pay attention to. God bless the children.

    • 38 jacquelineoboomer
      August 30, 2011 at 11:28 am

      dotster3 – Wonderful story. Just emailed it to a high school student who happens to be my granddaughter!

  9. 39 Pamela
    August 30, 2011 at 10:39 am

    I just love him.

  10. 40 isonprize
    August 30, 2011 at 10:55 am

    You know, we have the BEST.LOOKING.PRESIDENT.EVER. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… Hope everyone who was affected by Mean Irene is getting everything back to the usual routine.

    Romney is just lame, following the president around. He need to go tend to his new mansion. Do these Rethuglicans realize that they are supposed to be running against each OTHER??? There is a Republican primary that they need to get thru?

    We need to be registering more voters. Making sure that folks have what they need to vote. Watching these slimedogs who are changing voter registration laws to suppress the vote.

  11. 41 JER
    August 30, 2011 at 11:19 am

    President Obama arriving in Minnesota: http://www.ustream.tv/cbsnews

  12. August 30, 2011 at 11:37 am

    American U. prof. who has been successfully predicting pres. elections for 3 decades predicts 2012 Obama win:http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/08/30/never-fail-prediction-system-shows-2012-win-for-obama/

    • August 30, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      Thank you dotster3. I love your post. I can’t even imagine not having President Obama as our President. I wish we could keep him longer than two terms. There is no one (except maybe Martin O’Malley) that I could even imagine becoming President after his two terms are over.

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