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food for thought

First Lady Michelle Obama delivers remarks in the East Room of the White House about commitments from major food retailers to provide access to healthy, affordable food to millions of people in underserved communities across the country, July 20


a word from tally: nothing is agreed, until everything is agreed

Everyone remember what Lawrence O’ said last week:

“Nothing is agreed to, until EVERYTHING is agreed to.”

The 7ish-Gang™ Bill still has to be taken from the SENATE – by being attached to something they have that originated in the HOUSE – sent back to the HOUSE, and the HouseOfCrazy® has to vote on it.

Now, think about that in the TIME FRAME WE HAVE to raise the debt ceiling….. ok – stop laughing….. seriously, now.

My thoughts? There is no time. Obama will get a clean bill – like he wanted in the first place. 😀 (Because the Debt Ceiling should NEVER EVER be attached to the budget – you should look at your bank account FIRST before you decide you can afford two wars and a tax cut for the überwealthy – if the Bush/GOP had done that {and weren’t such anti-tax loons}, we wouldn’t be talking about this, but I digress…)

The Teaps will fight that because they’re morons, who can’t understand basic math.

SOME GOP ADULT SOMEWHERE – will sit them down and explain that a private family can’t sell US Treasury Bonds to borrow more capital to pay it’s bills, but the Government can. However, a private family (if they have property) can take a second mortgage out on their house to pay their bills, put food on the table, and invest in an enterprise that will generate cash – so they can in future, pay back the 2nd, and MAKE MONEY. Hopefully, this adult can also explain that the US Gov (Fed/State/Local) is the largest employer on the planet with more employees world-wide than any private company. That the GOV can create jobs faster and more cost-effectively (when PROPERLY FUNDED) than any private entity because they don’t have $12million annual+bonus CEOs to feed, stocks to sell, or profit to worry about.

This adult will then give a basic math class consisting of the following math equation:

Taxes = Programs = JOBS for people to run said programs = people with a paycheck = people with money to SPEND = larger demand for goods & services = companies hiring to fulfill demand for goods & services = more people with JOBS = more money being spent = economic stimulation = more people paying taxes = more money into system = more programs can be created/infrastructure getting repaired, teachers, police, fire, etc = more people getting a PAYCHECK = more demand for goods and services x infinity.

Yes, we need to bring back manufacturing, and a billion other things, but until that happens there is STUFF WE CAN DO HERE.

Of course, we’re talking about the ClownCarCrazies® so I’m sure they’ll willfully still believe in the Magical Money/Jobs Tree that is the every rich man’s back yard. But hey, a girl can hope.

Of course some LAW ADULT should also explain to Those Who Refute Reality that it’s:

1. Dereliction of Duty to NOT raise the debt ceiling. The wording and the LAW of the 14th is clear: CONGRESS SHALL ENFORCE (America to pay her bills.) There is no choice. If they refuse, they can and should be removed from office for dereliction of duty. Then they can get a vote by those who are left.

2. It’s also sedition to willfully crash the US Economy. It makes them a domestic enemy, which they are sworn to protect against.

3. It’s beyond a conflict of interest bordering on treason to sign a loyalty pledge to ANYONE or ANYTHING that is held above the US CONSTITUTION.

Those are just three reasons they SHOULD be removed from office.

After they get a clean bill and raise the debt ceiling, they’ll tweak this bill some more, AFTER they do a JOBS bill which Obama could pound them with not passing until election day – then they’re swept from office, then the Bush tax cuts expire, and we can get some serious shit done during Obama2.







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