happy birthday blackwaterdog!

The Only Adult In The Room

I won’t reveal who tipped me off about BWD’s birthday (but her name is Symmetry)


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  1. 1 CTGirl
    June 25, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Very cute! 🙂

  2. 2 Fred
    June 25, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Happy Birthday BWD 😀

  3. 3 ChristiMtl
    June 25, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Happy birthday BWD!!

  4. June 25, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Well, Happy Birthday BWD:-) and many many more. What a fitting and appropriate video I like 🙂

  5. 5 utaustinliberal
    June 25, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Happy Birthday BWD!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic day filled with cake, drinks, good food, the company of good friends and hope for a brilliant future. 😀

  6. 6 Andogriff
    June 25, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Happy Birthday to dear BWD, thanks for all you do for us, and may you have a beautiful day!

  7. June 25, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Happy Birthday BWD!!!

    Hey Chipsticks my birthday is Nov. 19th.

    I’m putting in a request for that special TOD Birthday you just did. 🙂

    There’s nothing more exciting than hearing the President sing Happy Bithday!!!

  8. June 25, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I just came up with a new word:


    Everyone have a Baracktastic Day!

  9. 11 S. Holland
    June 25, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Happy happy wonderful birthday!!! And thank you for all you do!

  10. 12 mtmarilyn
    June 25, 2011 at 9:17 am

    I love your new word. Barackastic!!!!!!

    Happy birthday BWD!!!!!!

  11. 13 lochelle
    June 25, 2011 at 9:21 am

    Happy Birthday, BWD! Have a wondeful day…..

  12. 14 Karen Sr.
    June 25, 2011 at 9:23 am

    You are wonderful, Chips. This is fantastic! I mean, Baracktastic!!!

    Excuse me while I go wish a HB to BWD.

  13. June 25, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Seriously?? Chip, my love, this is amazing. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you so much. Love you to pieces.

    • 16 Dorothy Rissman
      June 25, 2011 at 10:53 am

      You are a beloved person. You deserve every bit of adulation being displayed. At Fauxkos, you made life tolerable for thousands of us. dr

      • 17 GGail
        June 25, 2011 at 11:00 am

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY BWD! May this day bring smiles and laughter to you! We appreciate all that you do. Be blessed today and forever. 😀

    • 18 Anonymous
      June 25, 2011 at 10:59 am

      BWD, May your birthday be wonderfully memorable in every way. You ROCK!

    • 19 dotster
      June 25, 2011 at 12:24 pm

      I think it would be a fitting bday gift to bwd to donate to the Obama campaign today. The big push is on before the deadline. Please donate if you can, whatever you can. I want to see big numbers to refute the message that Obama has lost his base. To refute that lie.

    • June 25, 2011 at 1:03 pm

      You are our rock, BWD. Make every day as Happy as your Birthday. We love you.

    June 25, 2011 at 9:26 am


  15. 22 meta
    June 25, 2011 at 9:30 am

    OH WOW, it’s a wonderful day for our dear friend, BWD!!!! Have a fantastic day full of love and friendship and cake and flowers. We love you and PBO loves you!!

  16. 23 Bobfr
    June 25, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Happy Birthday, BWD!!

    Well don, Chipsticks!!!

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  17. June 25, 2011 at 9:34 am

    Happy Birthday BWD!!!

  18. June 25, 2011 at 9:35 am


  19. June 25, 2011 at 9:35 am

    How did you even know when my birthday is??????????????????????????


  20. 29 aamom
    June 25, 2011 at 9:44 am

    how can I live without you both!

  21. June 25, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Happy Birthday!

    Good Morning, Chips! Good Morning TOD Family :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: !!!

  22. June 25, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Chips, the video is a masterpiece, lol. That’s my favorite birthday song, and the pics are just perfect. You’re a video genius!

    • 32 Me4obama
      June 25, 2011 at 10:03 am

      Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birttday dear BWD – eeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday to you – uuuuuuu 🙂

  23. June 25, 2011 at 10:01 am

    I love this, Chips you are the best, yes Baracktastic. BWD I hope you had breakfast in bed and a really big party planned. May all your wishes come true and remember we all love you.

  24. June 25, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Let me join in and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY also. May the good Lord above bless you with many, many more. Happy ones. God Bless.

  25. 35 dcsandy
    June 25, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Happy Birthday Blackwaterdog!!!!

  26. June 25, 2011 at 10:41 am

    I celebrate you this day, too, BWD! With much appreciation and joy. Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuu!! 🙂

    And Chipsticks, the video was fabulous. Hello TODers. What a beautiful day!

  27. 37 Hachikō
    June 25, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Awww what a lovely little tribute from one truly lovely person to another. Happy Birthday, BWD! I hope all your wishes come true (especially Obama 2012! LOL).

    Have a wonderful day!

  28. 38 Tulips
    June 25, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Blackwater dog Happy Birthday. May you have many many more. Hugs and kisses.

  29. June 25, 2011 at 11:07 am

    Happy Birthday, BWD!

    Chipsticks, I love the video.

    You both are like the sunshine in the midst of some very cloudy days. I appreciate both of you. Thank you for all that you do.

    • June 25, 2011 at 11:22 am

      Thank YOU Symmetry for letting me know about BWD’s birthday – you’re a gem! 😉

      • 41 Kasai
        June 25, 2011 at 11:38 am

        Chip…you are such a GENIUS for putting this video together……….You Rock!!!!!!!!!

        What would we do without the 2 of you here???

        Thank you kindly…………….Happy Birthday BWD you are loved today and always:-)

  30. 43 busbus
    June 25, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Thank you, Chipsticks and posters for introducing me to blackwaterdog. I, too, extend best wishes and Happy Birthday to this blog.

    I’ve taken time to explore the BWD site and am impressed, just like I’m impressed with this site. Keep up the great work that both of

    you are doing! It is such a pleasure having been linked to this site and then, from this site, being linked to BWD.

    Again, Happy Birthday, BWD.

  31. 44 Kasai
    June 25, 2011 at 11:28 am

    In honor of BWD……WE love you:-)

  32. June 25, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Happy B-day, thanks for all you do. with out your site to keep me sane, I will be pulling my hair out. What going on in the media is madness.
    There are so many misinform people out there, I have to tell someone just about everday (that the media is lying) My family and friends in other states calls me and ask is that true what the news saying about obama. The dem. need to do something fast, about all the lies in the media.
    My daughter come home from work and tells me what she heard about obama, which is lies, she ask people where you get that from, they said the news, she work in a intercity community, most don’t have internet they see the mess in the news, some minds she change some she don’t.

    • 46 Fred
      June 25, 2011 at 11:45 am

      I get ALL of my news from THIS site and The only adult in the room and TPM and Think Progress and a I PRINT and post them on the walls at work so that I can target all the Independent voters at work.

      The Independent voters are key to 2012 but keep reminding the Democrats too of what is at stake 😀

    • 49 GGail
      June 25, 2011 at 11:54 am

      dun, thanks for commenting here at TOD. The dems are asking for small contributions so they can begin making videos to air on television. you and your daughter and family & friends can go to Chipsticks TOD contribution icon for OFA and make a small donation. Next you can print out the excellent articles that Chipsticks posts here and share them with your daughter, family and friends. Every one can do their part. 🙂

    • 50 lisalovesobama
      June 25, 2011 at 11:58 am

      Ugh! Oh Dun, thanks to you and your daughter for all the hard work you are doing to spread the truth about our president. We are living in sad, sad times where it seems as though the truth just doesn’t matter to the people we are supposed to rely on to tell the truth. We just have to hold strong and pull together, telling the truth as much and as often as we can. It helps also to enlighten people not only about the fact that our ‘media’ is biased, but also tell them why: they are owned by Republicans. Frame it as politics as usual, only this time- more dirty and underhanded. Encourage the people you meet who are misinformed to become fighters in PBO’s army. Tell them he can’t do it alone: he needs us. We’ve also got to send a strong message to the MSM, we’ve got to let them know that we will not stand for their lies. For those who still watch the news, not only should we send e-mails to those anchors and pundits who are telling lies, we should also CC it the actual station too, so our complaints are heard not only by the people who perpetrate the lies, but also the companies that employs them. I don’t think MSNBFOX would appreciate tens, hundreds or even thousands of letters of complaints coming into them everyday. We have to out-think, out-do and out-maneuver the media if we want to make an impact. If we all can’t boycott the media, then we still have to find a way to let them know we are on to them. It could be something as simple as a tweet, or a quick email that says: ‘Your segment offended me and is a lie/unfair/ sounds like Republican talking points.” Or it could be as long as the Illiad, either way, it’s time to put action to our frustration and to let them know that they won’t get away with what they are doing. Keep up the good work Dun.

      • 51 lisalovesobama
        June 25, 2011 at 12:44 pm

        went over to BWD to see what’s doing and the blog was alive about maddcow along with ways to get in contact with her employers, I copied and am now pasting:

        Ways to reach MSNBC
        Phone MSNBC at 212-664-4444
        Twitter @MSNBC or @NBCNews
        Facebook http://www.facebook.com/msnbc

        come monday morning I will be calling that number to let my voice be heard and I will be forwarding the email I sent to Maddcow on Thursday night to them. Whenever you write to these people, please CC it to their employers and like Africa said on BWD, their colleagues also. Let’s make a difference.

  33. 52 theo67
    June 25, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Happy Birthday – BWD. You are truly a Godsend – you’ve kept many of us sane, that’s for sure. Wishing you many more wonderful years!

  34. 53 dotster
    June 25, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Love the bday vid, chips—–so thoughtful and you even got Barack to sing Happy Birthday to BWD! 🙂 Heartfelt thanks to both chips and bwd ——and Bestest Birthday Wishes to our friend, BWD!

  35. 54 northanger
    June 25, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Baracktastic Birthday!

    $25,000 for Obama, just saying 🙂

  36. 57 bjw2
    June 25, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Looks like I’m a little late to the party…………but Hey HaHaHaPPY BD BWD!

    You have been my oasis in the desert.
    Much love to you and Chipsticks both…….the soul patrol for sanity!!:D 😀 😀

  37. 58 Debz
    June 25, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD! Enjoy your day.
    Love the video, Chips.

  38. June 25, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    thanks BWD family for your advise, on how to fight the madness.

  39. 60 lexusv
    June 25, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD, Enjoy your special day. Thanks for sharing all of the positive info on the current state of politics.

  40. 61 gc
    June 25, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Hmm…two years ago, my online “community” was flled with rancor, meanness, pissing contests, and selfishness.

    Now I have kindness, hope, generosity, and the wisdom to support the best president of our lifetime.

  41. 62 Kasai
    June 25, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Off Topic, I know BWD has a letter to Rachel Maddow on her blog. We are all pretty upset in her daily bashing of PBO.

    Interestingly enough in her Wiki profile, not to my surprise this is how she feels about our President…. and it shows in her reporting as of lately.

    Distinguishing herself from others on the left, Maddow said she’s a “national security liberal” and in a different interview that she’s not “a partisan.”[35][36] The New York Times called her a “defense policy wonk” who is writing a book on the role of the military in postwar American politics.[35][33] During the 2008 presidential election, Maddow did not formally support any candidate. Concerning Barack Obama’s candidacy, Maddow said during the primaries, “I have never and still don’t think of myself as an Obama supporter, either professionally or actually.”[37]

    This so called journalist, defended Wiener for lying in her face, to turn around and lye about PBO not supporting same sex marriage in NY.
    I am so pissed, I called and told them, I will no longer be watching MSNBC, I will boycutt any companies that are advertising on her show.
    Watch how quick they will the tune, if it happened to Glen Beck, it can happen to her.

    It’s time to write, tweet and call her, more importantly CC; her boss, writers. so that she’s not the only one reading your emails….for all we know she can just delete all of them.

    212-664-2456 DIRECT LINE to Phil Griffin’s Office

    • 63 Fred
      June 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm

      i wrote Maddow a nice letter this morning calling her the LIAR that she is and I told her to not talk about gay rights issues as it is way too close to her and she cannot put her journalism cap on when doing that and reminded her that the President was the one who asked Patterson to step aside so that Cuomo and Gillibrand could run too while I was at it.

      You know Kasai this morning my mom called those folks like Maddow and Ed;etc cocktail party “democrats” who just show to work only to bash the President mercilessly and get paid for that and go have drinks after that 🙄 😆

  42. June 25, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD

    Props to Chipsticks for that wonderful video. You are so talented and hardworking.

  43. 66 Doris
    June 25, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD!!!

  44. June 25, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I sent Ms. Rachel a email this morning and I think I will send her boss one also.

  45. 68 Tracy
    June 25, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Wonderful video for BWD. Happy Birthday! Let’s continue to fight for progress; just contributed to both OFA pages on this site and TOAITR: deadline for quarter is 6/30 and they want lots of donations (anything, large or small, it’s the thought and commitment that count). Yes We Can Together. Obama/Biden 2012.

  46. June 25, 2011 at 2:45 pm


  47. 70 Barbara Miller
    June 25, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    Happiest of Birthdays BWD! This video is absolutely perfect for your special day! Thanks for all the joy you bring to your readers everyday!

  48. 71 sjterrid
    June 25, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD! “smile”

  49. 73 louc1
    June 25, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Hope its the best ever BWD – how can it not with the finest President ever singing to you!

  50. June 25, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Chips you are so thoughtful.

    Happy Birthday BWD. May you thrive and always know that we love you for setting up your site. I don’t know what I’d do without you and dear Chipsticks. Prayers that you continue to have the energy and motivation to speak truth.

  51. 75 lmrj
    June 25, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD! Thank you so much for all you do to inform us from a position of TRUTH! GOD BLESS YOU!

  52. 77 HZ
    June 25, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD. I have placed another greeting on her site also. I am having a great time celebrating with BWD and Chipsticks and all of my sweet and loving family. I have Miles Davis on in my study, downstairs, I have James Galway with a group of guests, and upstairs in my musicroom/library, I have Chris Botti In Boston playing. A little for all the guests. Tonight, who knows what the music and candles with say to our beautiful BWD: ” Live, Laugh,, and Love this is your day. We love you Chipsticks for being such a dear friend and allow us to enjoy this celebration. In my quiet space, I have The Brooklyn Choir. Gotta have that thanksgivings, because we are so blessed to have BWD and Chipsticks. Love you all back.

  53. 78 FORUS50
    June 25, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD!!!!! Enjoy your day and don’t let a nobody like Rachel Maddow ruin it. Those cable pundits are quickly becoming dinosaurs in the same wayh the evening news became.

  54. 79 Sue in Minnesota
    June 25, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    BWD Happy Birthday, I hope it’s a Barackfastic day!……Today the world celebrates you ! I am grateful for your generous spirit, and your tireless and dedicated efforts to inform, inspire and connect good people from all corners of the globe.

    I hope Barack rings you up girl……he should know what a asset he has in you, in his corner.

    I still hope for the day when our President has you and Chips over for lunch – Chips you’ll have to leave the rocket launcher at home, security clearance being what it is.

  55. 80 globalcitizenlinda
    June 25, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Happy Birthday BWD! You are treasure to us hope-changey people. Thank you so very much for all you do daily to inform us and support the President. You have no idea what a blessing you have been to so many of us and preventing us from getting discouraged.

    I have been away from the computer all day but I am glad I made it before the day was over so that I too could record my best wishes for you today and always.

    Thanks Chipsticks for giving us a heads-up on this one and also for your very appropriate and creative message to BWD.

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