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“sandbagged by a pro”

Stephen Goldstein (Sun Sentinel): Wealth care vs. health care.

That choice will frame the debate for the 2012 election. As a result, President Barack Obama has already won his second term, and Democrats will recapture majorities in both houses of Congress. Everything until then is a delicious denouement, when tea party extremists will have turned the Republican Party into a blip on the political screen….

Whiz kid wannabe, Rep. Paul Ryan will be the unwitting savior of the Democratic Party and cause of his party’s humiliating defeat. He issued his penny-pinching “Path to Prosperity” before the president spoke about our debt and deficit. For the unveiling, image consultants gave the Wisconsonite a new hairdo to soften his usual menacing part and ghoulish gaze, but they couldn’t change the mean-spirited, elitist strategy to which he committed Republicans: Adiós – Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid; Hola – tax cuts for the drowning-in-money.

…For average Americans, Ryan’s “Path” is a road to ruin. The Ryan Republican tea party would make a 65-year-old eligible for Medicare in 10 years pay nearly $6,400 more than people pay today – and force them into the private insurance market, where they probably won’t be able to afford, or even get, coverage. It swells the deficit by trillions and doesn’t achieve a balanced budget for decades….

When Obama delivered his vision for America, he drew an election-winning distinction between his party and Ryan extremists. Cool, calm and collected, he outlined a pragmatic path to fiscal health, while reaffirming his commitment to the social infrastructure on which all Americans depend. He spoke like the wise, senior member of an accounting firm, chastening an overzealous, junior bean-counter. Squirming in the audience, Ryan, who naively expected the president to kowtow to him, was sandbagged by a pro.

Whatever plan emerges to restore our fiscal health – and everyone agrees we need one – Obama will be the winner. Ryan/tea party/Republicans overplayed their hand. Exactly 150 years after our first Civil War, we are fighting another one for the republic’s heart and soul – and wallet. Ryan promises magically to create prosperity-for-all by pledging never to raise revenue while redistributing trillions in wealth care to the rich. So, he’s led a delusional GOP to a path to political suicide. When he and other defeated tea party/Republicans are looking for jobs, Obama’s commitment to health care reform will be the only thing that saves their family finances.

Full article here

Thank you Sarah T – this article is sublime


quiz time!

Who expressed these rather angry and aggressive views about illegal immigrants:

“….Over the past several years, illegal immigrants have poured into the United States by the millions … The parade of evils caused by illegal immigration is widely known, and it gets worse every day. In short, illegal immigration wreaks havoc economically, socially, and culturally; makes a mockery of the rule of law; and is disgraceful just on basic fairness grounds alone.

….The White House does worse than nothing; to the extent it acts on this issue at all, it is to introduce legislation designed to sanction and approve of illegal immigration through its “guest worker” program, a first cousin of all-out amnesty for illegal immigrants.


There already is a “closed sign on the border” when it comes to illegal immigration. It’s called the law. The problem is that the “closed sign” isn’t being enforced because the Federal Government, which has its interfering, power-hungry hands in virtually everything else, has abdicated its duty in one of the very few areas where it was actually meant to be: border security.

…. The notion that our nation’s laws ought to be enforced and that law-breakers should not be rewarded are not controversial ideas among most voters. The politicians of either party who show fortitude and leadership on this issue will inspire affection among this substantial and non-ideological segment of the voting population….”

Was it:

(a) Rush Limbaugh

(b) Donald Trump

(c) Michele Bachmann

(d) any Teabagger at all (armed with a dictionary)


(e) someone else

Hint – and you might not believe this: he’s the Professional Left’s hero. No, no, not this guy:

It was this guy


“playing with people’s lives”

Daily Beast: Robert De Niro has no use for presidential wannabe Donald Trump … During an onstage interview with NBC News anchor Brian Williams at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, the Oscar-winning actor said….

…”It’s like a big hustle. It’s like being a car salesman. Don’t go out there and say things unless you can back them up. How dare you? It’s awful. Just go out there and speak and say these terrible things?… It’s crazy.”

…..When Williams asked De Niro if he ever gets frustrated with American politics, the actor/director responded with a defense of Obama against his Republican detractors.

“I think of the possibility of the government being shut down and I say, ‘How did we get to this point?’ …I know Obama was trying to bridge the gap. His intentions are really good. Maybe some things are not as good as we all would like but his intentions are good. A lot of these guys – their intentions are not even good. They’re just playing a game and they’re playing with people’s lives.”

Full article here

Thank you Tulips 😉


constitutional law professor plays golf!

President Barack Obama leaves the White House for a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base, April 23


“a self-proclaimed constitutional law professor”

File under ‘Yawn’: Glenn Greenwald, the “professional Obama-hater” (as Frank Schaeffer so perfectly describes him), who’s backing Republican/Libertarian Gary Johnson for 2012 (the guy who says there’s no racism in America and wants to end child labor laws), posted yet another hysterical rant about the President on Salon today.

 The only thing that stood out in the tedious, vitriol-laden tirade was the bit where he quoted a creature at Firebaggerlake (you know, the place made up of Greenwald-worshiping sycophants) talking about the President being “a self-described Constitutional scholar”.

 Self-described? Oh noes! These PUMAs still haven’t got over the black guy winning the 2008 nomination!

 It was back then that they first claimed candidate Senator Obama lied when he said he was a law professor at the University of Chicago (all part of their, um, progressive campaign to suggest his background was ‘murky’, that he was, well, a little different). So, they’re still making the claim – and, of course, are now supported by their Teabagger allies. Nice.

 The problem? looked in to the claim and dismissed it – with, you know, facts, including a statement from the University of Chicago confirming that the President “served as a professor in the Law School”.

 Being such a righteous man of unfailing integrity, and one who respects (well, when he agrees with its findings), you’d assume Greenwald would correct the Firebagger smear – or at least not quote it? Wouldn’t you?

 Well, no – Greenwald actually went on to repeat the smear, describing the President as “as a self-proclaimed Constitutional Law professor”.

 Self-proclaimed? Ah, okay, so, despite proving the smear to be untrue – three years ago – and despite the statement from the University of Chicago, Greenwald joins forces with his Firebagger and Teabagger pals to perpetuate the smear: the President lied about part of his history. Hey, what next? The birth certificate?

Interesting. Greenwald was careless today, in his rage he let the mask slip a little…. and still he pretends it’s all about Wikileaks/Bradley Manning. It’s not. 😉


This is a great post from Team Obama 2012


 See here for a post by Benjamin Wittes, ‘Why I Won’t Engage Glenn Greenwald’. Wittes is just one of countless commentators – from the left and right – who have been smeared by Greenwald when they’ve had the temerity to disagree with him:

“I don’t see any reason either to engage with someone who begins with the premise that people who disagree with him are arguing in bad faith, are on the take, or are evil. My life is too short for that.”

…..precisely the same tactic he uses with the President – unremitting personal abuse.


The thing that’s endlessly amusing about Greenwald and his sycophants is their abuse of supporters of the (democratically elected by almost 70 million people) President. Hero-worshipers! They really don’t do irony, do they?

😆 😆 😆

These creatures go in to meltdown when they happen upon anyone in cyberspace who doesn’t worship at GG’s blessed feet. As he does too! Remember he likened a friend of ours to a Nazi propagandist? This might be him, not sure:

(Actually, the Teabagger carrying this sign is probably a GG devotee – they’re flooding the comments section under his posts with messages of support these days, his hate-filled rhetoric is just their thing! He’s their hero!)



‘why obama is right to send drones to libya’

A U.S. flag, pre-Gadhafi flags and a French flag are seen in the background, as Libyans attend Muslim prayers in Benghazi, Libya, April 23

Steven Metz (The New Republic): On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that President Obama, hoping to break the see-saw deadlock between rebel forces and Muammar Qaddafi’s military, had authorized the use of armed Predator drones in Libya. The Predator … is accurate and deadly; it can fly for over 40 hours and carry more than 1,000 pounds of missiles and bombs.

The decision to send these drones was driven by the tactics Qaddafi’s forces have developed to circumvent NATO air strikes, namely intermingling with civilians and moving in unmarked vehicles. Because the drones can linger for long periods of time and have a video feed that allows for more accurate target assessment than conventional bombers, the hope is that they will minimize civilian casualties and prevent the Libyan military from launching quick strikes when NATO aircraft are not around. It might be something of a calculated gamble, but, of the options available, drones seem to be the best tool for the job.

Despite this, the deployment decision immediately provoked new criticism from those already opposed to U.S. involvement in the Libyan conflict. Charges were made of “mission creep,” or a first step toward more heavy engagement, including perhaps the use of ground troops. Other opponents suggested that the use of drones would increase civilian casualties, as it has in Pakistan. Neither of these arguments, however, stands up under scrutiny…..

The use of drones does not enlarge or change the U.S. mission in Libya … it’s the use of new techniques in pursuit of the same objectives.

…Admittedly, armed drones alone will not defeat Qaddafi. That will only happen when the rebels become an effective fighting force. But the drones may help stave off a Qaddafi victory and give the rebels time to become more effective. This is in line with broad U.S. strategy in Libya, which is based on the belief that trends favor the rebels: The longer they avoid defeat, the more they will strengthen, while Qaddafi will only weaken the longer fighting continues. If that theory is correct, then the drones will almost certainly help.

Full article here


a clean energy future


‘mccain returns to libya … under very different circumstances’

Steve Benen: Sen. John McCain yesterday became the highest profile U.S. official to visit Libya since international military intervention began, and gave a hearty endorsement to the rebels fighting the Gadhafi government … “They are my heroes,” he said … he called his visit “one of the most exciting and inspiring days of my life”.

….McCain’s last visit to Libya was very different, and it’s amazing that U.S. media outlets reporting on his remarks yesterday are pretending this other visit never occurred. It was just 18 months ago that McCain traveled to Libya and cozied up to Gadhafi, visiting with him at the dictator’s home in Tripoli, shaking his hand, and even bowing a little to Gadhafi:

The point of the meeting was for McCain to discuss delivery of American military equipment to the Libyan regime. I guess the rebels didn’t hear about this? And that American media outlets simply forgot it happened?

Politics Daily (August 2009): Sen. John McCain, visiting Libya this past week, praised Muammar Gaddafi for his peacemaking efforts in Africa. In addition, McCain called for the U.S. Congress to expand ties with Gaddafi’s government, according to Libya’s state news agency. McCain had a face-to-face meeting with Gaddafi, which he detailed on his Twitter page with the following message:

“Late evening with Col. Qadhafi at his “ranch” in Libya – interesting meeting with an interesting man.”


18 months later McCain was mentioning Gaddafi and Hitler in the same sentence (here)


morning everyone

 ….greeting a tour group in the West Wing hallway outside the Oval Office, Saturday, April 2. (Pete Souza)

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden joke together while taping a Joining Forces public service announcement in the East Room of the White House, April 4. (Chuck Kennedy)

….on the patio outside the Oval Office, following a meeting with his senior advisors, April 4. (Pete Souza)

….on the phone with House Speaker Rusty Boehner, April 8. (Pete Souza)

…..after a meeting on the budget, April 8. (Pete Souza)

…..greeting tourists at the Lincoln Memorial, April 9. (Pete Souza)

…..waving to tourists at the Lincoln Memorial, April 9. (Pete Souza)

…..during a fiscal policy meeting in the Roosevelt Room, April 4. (Pete Souza)

Filmmaker Spike Lee uses his iPad to photograph President Obama as he greets guests at the National Action Network’s Keepers of the Dream awards gala in New York, April 6. (Pete Souza)

….talking with advisors before a phone call with President Ondimba of Gabon to discuss the situation in Cote d’Ivoire, April 4. (Pete Souza)

See all the new White House photos here







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