‘get ready for a g.o.p. rerun’

Bob Herbert (New York Times): You just can’t close the door on this crowd. The party that brought us the worst economy since the Great Depression, that led us into Iraq and the worst foreign policy disaster in American history, that would like to take a hammer to Social Security and a chisel to Medicare, is back in control of the House of Representatives with the expressed mission of undermining all things Obama.

….what’s really coming are patented G.O.P. efforts to spread misery beyond Mr. Obama and the Democrats to ordinary Americans struggling in what are still very difficult times.

It was ever thus. The fundamental mission of the G.O.P. is to shovel ever more money to those who are already rich ….. their underlying motivation is always the same. They are about making the rich richer. Thus it was not at all surprising to read that the new head of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Fred Upton of Michigan, had hired a former big-time lobbyist for the hospital and pharmaceuticals industries to oversee health care issues.

….I remember President Bush going on television in September 2008, looking almost dazed as he said to the American people, “Our entire economy is in danger”.

Have we forgotten already who put us in such grave peril? …. the Republicans are back in control of the House, ready to run interference for the rich as recklessly and belligerently as ever.

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1 Response to “‘get ready for a g.o.p. rerun’”

  1. 1 majii
    January 4, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    I read a post on Politicususa earlier today about the republicans’ two page bill to repeal HCR. If it isn’t a joke of a bill, it should be. I read it, and it basically says that the purpose of this bill we are about to introduce into the House is to repeal the ACA. I think the plan is to replace the ACA by addressing tort reform. During the HCR debate, I researched the impact of tort reform on reducing healthcare costs, and it does not bend the cost curve 1/100,000 of an inch. I’ve also read today that the republicans are NOT address the cost of repealing the ACA. IMO, this is the 1,000 lb elephant that they want to pretend isn’t in the room.


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