homophobe! oh, wait….

“As Commander in Chief, I have pledged to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law because it weakens our national security, diminishes our military readiness, and violates fundamental American principles of fairness and equality by preventing patriotic Americans who are gay from serving openly in our armed forces.  At the same time, as Commander in Chief, I am committed to ensuring that we understand the implications of this transition, and maintain good order and discipline within our military ranks. That is why I directed the Department of Defense earlier this year to begin preparing for a transition to a new policy.

Today’s report confirms that a strong majority of our military men and women and their families—more than two thirds—are prepared to serve alongside Americans who are openly gay and lesbian.  This report also confirms that, by every measure—from unit cohesion to recruitment and retention to family readiness—we can transition to a new policy in a responsible manner that ensures our military strength and national security. And for the first time since this law was enacted 17 years ago today, both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have publicly endorsed ending this policy.

With our nation at war and so many Americans serving on the front lines, our troops and their families deserve the certainty that can only come when an act of Congress ends this discriminatory policy once and for all.  The House of Representatives has already passed the necessary legislation.  Today I call on the Senate to act as soon as possible so I can sign this repeal into law this year and ensure that Americans who are willing to risk their lives for their country are treated fairly and equally.  Our troops represent the virtues of selfless sacrifice and love of country that have enabled our freedoms. I am absolutely confident that they will adapt to this change and remain the best led, best trained, best equipped fighting force the world has ever known.”

Let’s be honest, the nut-job anti-Obama wing of the gay rights movement (you know, the folk who make Tea Partiers seem reasoned) is going to be hugely disappointed when DADT is, as promised, repealed – they’ll have one less reason to explain away their hatred of the President.

When DADT is repealed it will be a great day for America, it is a vile piece of legislation – justice will finally be served for the brave gay men and women in the US military.

To the Obama-hating extremists, though: Change you have to believe in, no matter how much it enrages you 😉


8 Responses to “homophobe! oh, wait….”

  1. 1 halo
    November 30, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    no doubt about it. they’re already saying that “he hasn’t fought hard enough for it” so he won’t get any credit. it’s like they NEED something to complain about.

  2. November 30, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    First, they’ll be quiet for a day or two. Then they’ll take credit for it, because they “held his feet on fire”, and after a week or two they’ll go back to call him a bigot. AT this point they are so predictable, it becomes boring.

    • December 1, 2010 at 12:10 am

      Hey BWD,

      The extreme wing of the gay rights movement? Predictable, boring? So utterly true. They are just a caricature of themselves at this stage. Beg to differ with them on a single point and YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBE!!!

      The irony is – and they’re way too blind to get it – is that they do more damage to the gay rights’ cause than any Teabagger could ever do. But I’ve finally realized that that is what they actually want: they – the extremists – wallow in victimhood, it’s the only home they’re comfortable in, hence their overwhelming desire to see President Obama defeated in 2012. President Palin is their wildest dream, they’d then be assured of a Government discriminating against them at every turn. Victory!

      The once pro-Dem website I won’t mention has been overrun by them, they spew their bile all over Obama-supporting Dems on a daily basis, and they’re allowed get away with it. One of them, today, referred to the President’s bipartisan efforts as him bowing in the fields to the “masters”. Racist venom? Damn right. But the comment was allowed to stand …. try making an equally bigoted comment about gays and count the seconds before it’s deleted …. one, two, gone!

      They decided ‘blacks’ were the enemy after the Prop 8 vote, brushing over all that Mormon money, so whatever Obama does for them he will remain their figure of hate. That extreme is, then, as, bigoted and hateful as their true enemies: the right. But they have SO much in common with the far right it’s almost comical: they are united by their contempt for a black president. And that is the truth.

      The funniest part is that they now vow to defeat President Obama in 2012..like any of them voted for him in 2008! They either stayed at home or voted McCain to beat the black man….come on, let’s be honest about that.

      Forgive me, but **** them. I don’t want them on my ‘side’, I want to be on the side of the gay men and women the extremists despise, the ones who actually live real lives, and aren’t just bigoted keyboard warriors. The ones who understand the President is on their side, even if they’d like him to speed up the progress they are seeking.

      Bigoted gay rights extremists? I hope you enjoy your Tea Party. Non-bigoted gays? I’ll support you til my dying day.

  3. 7 avpmom
    December 1, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Well put Chipsticks! The Dan Savage’s of the world will always find something to blame and hate President Obama for – even if they have to make it up to gin up anti-Obama feelings.

    Never mind that all the while, they straight-faced and shamelessly give every life-long log-cabin Republican (including the self-loathing Ken Mehlman and the forever flimsy, idiotic, hate-filled opportunist Charles Moran) as many kisses and passes they need to continue to exploit and screw them over;

    The realization that there is this potent racist streak in some in the gay community is just beginning to dawn on me and it is so shocking and sad to behold; (the varied conscious and unconscious responses to an Obama Presidency has indeed been most eye-opening and instructive even if seriously disturbing!)

    It’s even funnier when I hear as I heard the other day, this gay guy on the radio absolve Clinton of every DADT related sin because “he apologized”! lol~

    But President Obama – the one who is actually systematically and intelligently bringing a permanent end to this and future discriminatory laws by smartly, quietly and convincingly bringing over to his side top military brass including Mullen and Gates, bears the brunt and according to them, will pay the price for every made up, deliberately trumped up and contrived slight and oversight-

    When prop 8 passed in California, it was shocking to see the deliberate push to blame it on blacks in California – a demographic that makes up less than 6% of eligible registered voters!

    I’d never heard anything more ridiculous – but it caught on and very quickly became as with tea baggers, the justification some desperately needed to publicly lash out at President Obama ~

    For President Obama is afterall now simply, the metaphor for *black* ~ and consequently the recipient of every residual and recently revived hatred and disdain for blacks ~

    And when Hillary Clinton just like the republicans/teabaggers do now, made that very calculated and brazen play at exploiting serious racial fears, tension and insecurities – she lost every credibility, respect and any admiration I ever had for her ~ that solitary move told me everything I needed to know about the woman!

    With the Dan Savage’s and Charles Moran’s however, there’s never been even the slightest shred of doubt what the singular motivator has always been~

  4. 8 Thro67
    December 1, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Rachel mentions in her clip that the criticism from the left has been that the President has not been visible with his actions on DADT. Nonsense. The criticism from the left has been flat out saying that the President is doing nothing about DADT. They’ve categorically said that he’s a sellout, that he lied to them, that he hasn’t kept his campaign promise (as though this is December 2016) and that he’s stringing them along to get their votes. The man has definitively expressed his support for repealing this law, and has mentioned it in many events, locations, etc. And he’s a man who keeps his promises.

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