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  1. 1 graciouslady
    October 29, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Our President is tall, well dressed, stately, handsome, intelligent, a quiet confidence, thoughtful and just the all around look of being very presidential. He fits in and he doesn’t seem to dismiss anyone no matter unkind they’ve been to him. I just love him; I would love any president that has these qualities no matter what race. I think this is the only reason all these unhinged people are crawling from under molten rocks. It is obvious, it is his race. I don’t know any other man or woman that comes even close to how he presents himself(maybe Richard Gere).There is really something special about him. He comes from very humble beginnings, he draws huge crowds wherever goes, and he does not have the stain of slavery in his background which might make him unfamiliar with all this race hatred. Oh, I am not suggesting he does not know what prejudice is all about because he speaks of it in his book, “Dreams from my Father”. I am not suggesting anything divine about him either, but he is special. Who can the Republican nominate to come close to him? Sarah Palin-NO; Mitt Romney-No; Mike Huckabee-No; I see no one that even comes close to him. My heart fills with adoration when I see him abroad representing All Americans. Why can’t all Americans feel proud of their leader when he is abroad no matter how they feel about him here at home in America?

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