“Barack Obama has chosen another way….”

Joe Klein, Time

The lead item on Politico–titled “Dems Urge Obama to Take a Stand”–is almost surrealistic. Take a stand? The guy passed health care, a stimulus bill that helped avoid a Depression, a groundbreaking financial reform bill that is too complicated to be popularly described, a bailout that enabled General Motors and Chrysler to survive. He nominated two estimable women to the Supreme Court. He restored America’s image in the world. I can go on…

But Dems are distressed? He’s not populist or ideological enough? Oh please. There are several ways to go about the presidency. Ronald Reagan chose one way: he said one thing and did another. He was for cutting back the size of government, but didn’t. He was for lowering taxes and he did, but then he raised taxes–two of the largest percentage increases in American history–when his supply-side “philosophy” proved a phony. He confronted the Soviet Union, but he also would have agreed to massive reductions in nuclear arsenals if the Soviets had allowed him to pursue his Star Wars fantasy.

Barack Obama has chosen another way.

He has pretty much done what he said he’d do. His achievements are historic. But he hasn’t wrapped them up in an ideological bumper sticker–or provided some neat way for the public to understand it, or pretended to be a yeoman simpleton, noshing on pork rinds, clearing brush and excoriating the business community. That is a real political problem. He delivered a stealth tax cut to 95% of the American people; I’ve never seen a politician cut taxes and not take sufficient credit for it before. He made it impossible for Americans to be denied health care coverage because of pre-existing conditions or chronic problems; somehow this has gotten lost in the “socialist” shuffle as well.  He ended major combat operations in Iraq, on time and without much fuss–without using the word “victory” or denying the continuing problems involved in cobbling together a coherent government there. Another President might have hyped this “achievement” relentlessly.

…. it is not possible, at this point, to imagine a dishonorable Obama presidency; he has faced the national crisis in a manner that may be politically flawed, but he has not run from, or fudged or demagogued, the problems. He has done pretty much what he said he was going to do when he ran for office.

That is something Democrats should be able to live with, proudly.

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4 Responses to ““Barack Obama has chosen another way….””

  1. 1 Anniebella
    August 24, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    At times Democrats have acted like a bunch of cowards. This President have had to deal with it from all circles, the Tea Baggers-Republicans and at times his own Party.

    • 2 graciouslady
      August 24, 2010 at 11:58 pm

      …but he has been triumphant even with all the obstructions. The list is endless of his accomplishments. What puzzles me is why these democratic primaries don’t list and run on his “..things Obama has promised and completed for the American people”. The whimps are afraid and I don’t know why. Facts, written down, don’t lie. A bunch of spineless wonders, they are.

  2. 3 Eleroy
    August 25, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Unfortunately, besides the tea baggers/republicans, there are also those within the Democratic party/the “progressive” crowd who have actively tried to sabotage and undermine President Obama.

    Some started agitating from the moment he won and others became emboldened and joined in with time. So much envy, so little time.

    Their motives (all evil by the way,) vary, but the goal is the same: Diminish and/or destroy this amazing President who inspired and earned so much worldwide respect, love and support.

    They hope they can do enough damage so that they can either position themselves to run in 2012 (they think it’s that easy!) or try to aid a republican win so that they can run against what they hope will be another disastrous republican “effort”.

    But they discount people like us who get it.

    They wil find that the much talked about “demoralized and unexcited” democrats are still very much excited and inspired by President Obama and !surprise! will show up in as many numbers as in 2008 in to support him again in 2012. They are just not as inspired and excited by many of the crappy “democrats”.

    I know the President needs a “democratic” majority to move his agenda along, but I’m hard-pressed to support idiotic, conniving grandstanders who just use and exploit President Obama’s supporters and goodwill to get elected and then turn around and disrespect and obstruct President Obama right along with the bloody republicans.

  3. 4 vitaminlover
    August 25, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Somehow, some way he will be supported no matter what and he will prevail with the help and Hand of God. I know that God has His Hand on him. Period!

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